Analog Button Module

Model No: MOD-00087

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Category: Switch & Button

Supplier: Techshop Bangladesh

Analog Button Module consists of 5 buttons. It has 3 pins. VCC, GND and ADC.

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Q: What are the ADC voltage threshold levels for the buttons ? Questioned by suntop, 04-Sep-2015

Q: What are the ADC voltage threshold levels for the buttons ? What kind of person intentionally ignore a question asked by his customers ? Are these analog buttons threshold spaced Vcc/8, Vcc/4, 3Vcc/4, Vcc/2 thresholds . There is no specification ! I have bought many things, that turned out to be useless to me in the end, because they weren't what I expected due to lack of proper information and product description ! Recently I bought a 3 Watt IR Led form you guys and it turned out only 1/2 watt and now useless to me ! That is why I want to know more before buying but you seems to be intentionally ignoring my queries ! Questioned by suntop, 06-Sep-2015

VCC=5V (Actual 5V) , GND=0 Answered by Production, 07-Sep-2015 04:38 AM

Really ? Did you even paid attention what I have asked in my Question or you are not understanding what I am asking ? I didn't want to know what the Vcc/Gnd is, I asked what are the "THRESHOLD LEVELS" "THRESHOLD LEVELS" "THRESHOLD LEVELS" for each button pressed ? There is a voltage divider network which splits the Vcc<>Gnd VOLTAGE into SEVERAL VOLTAGES here, RIGHT ? Then these buttons pass those VOLTAGES to ADC pin while Pressed ? I wanted to know what are those voltages when Vcc=5, I hope you understand ! Answered by suntop, 07-Sep-2015 10:44 AM

Right Position Button = 0.0V UP Position Button = 0.71V Down Position Button = 1.61V Left Position Button = 2.47V Enter Position Button = 3.62V Answered by Production, 07-Sep-2015 11:50 AM

Thank You very much, this is what I wanted to know ! Answered by suntop, 08-Sep-2015 17:31 PM

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