USBISP AVR Programmer (CN)

Model No: PRG-00018

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Category: AVR Programmer

Supplier: Made in China

These AVR programmers are based on  USBISP firmware and connect to your computer's USB port. This programmer is fully compatible with the following development board: 



And of course you can use this programmer for programming your other avr-development-board or a single avr-chip by connecting their VCC, GND, MISO, MOSI, SCK, RESET pins with this programmer. 

Question & Answer

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Q: this is not USBasp programmer, This is USB ISP programmer and does not supported by AVRDUDE. Questioned by KhairulHasanmd, 02-Feb-2016

Q: Can it program pololu 3pi robot? which has ATmega328 Questioned by Mohiuddin.rafiul, 29-Mar-2016

Q: can i use it with AVR Studio directly ????? Questioned by mushfiq.martinie.xen, 12-May-2016

Q: can i use it with AVR Studio directly ????? Questioned by mushfiq.martinie.xen, 12-May-2016

Yes, you can. For achieve this feature have to create and add an "External Tool" setting from the "AVR Studio". Answered by FAHIM_REAZA, 16-May-2016 04:20 AM

Q: Can i program pololu 3pi robot with it? Questioned by Anindya11, 19-Sep-2016

Q: is it support 24C64 eeprom Questioned by jahangir03eee, 09-Feb-2017

Q: can I program atmega32a with this. do u give driver software for Windows with this. pls reply. Questioned by NAIMHASAN, 09-Feb-2017

You can. Burner software is given in the documents section. This product is not made by us. This is made by us. Answered by A.R, 11-Feb-2017 04:27 AM

Q: thank u very much for reply.but firstly when I tried to go to the link of the burner soft that is given in the doc sec. it goes only to didn't dind any burner soft. when I plug the usbisp to my pc it detect the usb . but how to identify. by going through cmd . avrdude -c (what should I type next .should I type "usbtiny" or "avrisp" both doesn't to connect this with my pc. I have installed winavr.and I am using Windows 7 x64 Questioned by NAIMHASAN, 13-Feb-2017

Software is given in google drive. Please login to your google account. Answered by A.R, 14-Feb-2017 04:17 AM

Q: Can you give me any Driver software link please !! Thanks in advance. Questioned by ahsanhabibanik1998, 18-Feb-2017

Q: Can I program ESP8266 MODULE ? Questioned by Mamun1990, 06-Oct-2018

Sorry. Can't understand. This is an AVR programmer. What is the relationship of ESP8266 with this? Answered by A.R, 08-Oct-2018 03:26 AM

Q: Is this support windows 10? Questioned by Iftiking, 05-Dec-2018

Yes. Answered by A.R, 06-Dec-2018 03:37 AM

Q: এটা দিয়ে কি সকল এভিআর মাইক্রোকন্ট্রোলার প্রোগ্রাম করা যায়? যেমন ATMEGA328p. Questioned by abu_sufian, 08-Mar-2019

যাবে। Answered by A.R, 09-Mar-2019 11:39 AM

Q: what is difference between AVR Programmer Model : PRG-00001 and this programmer?? Questioned by alphazisan, 23-Mar-2019

PRG-00001 is much easier to use and that one has 1 year service warranty as that is manufactured by us. Answered by A.R, 24-Mar-2019 03:44 AM

Q: এটা দিয়ে কি সকল এভিআর মাইক্রোকন্ট্রোলার প্রোগ্রাম করা যায়? যেমন ATtiny13 Questioned by shahinahmed0177971, 27-Jun-2019

Q: Kindly mention supported MCUs of this programmer. Questioned by Mithun_K_Das, 12-Mar-2020

Same as USBASP. Answered by A.R, 15-Mar-2020 11:56 AM

Can it work with 8051 series MCUs? Answered by Mithun_K_Das, 15-Mar-2020 13:45 PM

As per the resources we got, it can programme AT89S, AT90CAN and AT90S series. But the supplier didn't provide us any manual regrading how to do that. Answered by A.R, 16-Mar-2020 04:51 AM

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