Arduino Advance Learning Kit (Pi labs Academy)

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This Kit is only for the Pi Labs academy “Arduino & Embedded-system” Course Purpose


Arduino UNO based learning kit with RFID module, RTC and others.


The Package Includes:

1X Uno R3 SMD + USB Cable;

1X 30Pcs/pack Breadboard Jumpers;

1X 830 Point Breadboard;

5X LED (Red, Green, Yellow); 

10X Resistors (1K Ohm, 10K Ohm, 220 Ohm);

1X 10 Pin Male to Female Jumper Wire;

1X 10K Potentiometer

1X Active Buzzer;

1X Passive Buzzer;

1X 74HC595N;

1X Infrared Receiving Head;

1X LM35DZ;

2X Roll Ball Switch;

3X 5mm LDR;

5X Button Switch with Cap;

1X IR Remote Control;

1X Seven Segment 1 Digit (0.56 inch);

1X Seven Segment 4 digit (0.36 inch);

1X 8*8 Dot Matrix;

1X UNL2003 Driver Board;

1X 5V Stepper Motor;

1X SG90;

1X LCD1602 + 40 Pin Male Header Connector (Unsoldered);

1X Joystick;

1X DHT11 Digital Temperature and Humidity Sensor;

1X Water Sensor;

1X RFID Module;

1X RFID Key Ring;

1X RFID Card;

1X Sound Module;

1X 1 Road Relay Module;

1X RTC Module;

1X 16 Buttons Matrix Keyboard;

1X RGB Three Color Module;

1X 9V Battery Connector. 


#If your PC doesn't recognize Arduino Uno R3 (SMD) when plugged in via USB, please install the following driver.

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