4008 Adder

Model : DIC-00068

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It's a 4-bit full adder with parallel carry output.

The HCC4008 is a monolithic integrated circuit, available in 16-lead dual in-line plastic package.This consist of four full adder stages with fast look ahead carry provision from stage to stage. Circuitry is included to provide a fast”parallel-carry-out” to permit high-speed operation in arithmetic sections using several HCF4008B’s. HCF4008B inputs include the four sets of bits to be added, A1 to A4 and B1 to B4, in addition to the”Carry In” bit from a previous section.

  • Maximum Supply Voltage:– 0.5 to + 18V
  • Recommended Supply Voltage:– 0.5 to + 18V
  • Maximum Input Voltage – 0.5 to VDD + 0.5 V
  • Recommended Input Voltage:0 to VDD
  • Recommended Operating Temperature:– 40 to + 85ºC
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