ATmega32 Development Board

Model : DEV-00104

Supplier : Made in China

TechshopBD, Bangladesh


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10 - 99
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ATmega32 Development Board


1. All MCU IO port leads out clearly marked pin header experiment more convenient.

2. Classic ATmega32A minimum system, eliminating welding trouble

3. Crystal: The socket hole welding, the convenience of buyers replace the crystal, the crystal default 8M, can put directly on the line with the other frequency crystal oscillator.

4. Support Chip: ATMEGA16L / ATMEGA16 / ATmega16A / ATmega32 chip and other pin-compatible with the chip, the board is  with a default new version ATMEGA32A .

5. Power supply:

  • External DC power supply
  • Power Supply with USB power lines
  • ISP downloader or JTAG emulator for power supply board

6. In addition to external expansion pin microcontroller contains IO estuary, 5V 3.3V GND also been pin out. Convenient device for the external power supply.


7. Reset: power-on reset and reset buttons


8. Four independent programmable buttons


9. Standard ISP download interface


10. The standard JTAG interface


11. LCD1602 and LCD12864 LCD interfaces


12. DS18B20 temperature sensor interface


13. RS232 and RS485 communication interface


14. can choose 5V or 3.3V for the board with jumper



x1 ATmega32A Board 

x1 USB Cable 

x1 Learning CD-ROM (containing software, example programs, schematics, learning materials, tutorial chinese)

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