1S Li-ion BMS board

Model : MIS-00469

Supplier : Made in China

TechshopBD, Bangladesh


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1S Li-ion BMS board

Product Introduction:
1.Charing Voltage:DC 4.2--5V CC/CV
2.Single Battery Consumption Current:<=6uA continuous discharging current 2.7A
3.Overcharging Detection Voltage:4.2 V+/-0.025V
4.Overcharging Detection Delay Time:150-500 ms
5.Overcharging Restore Voltage:4.0V+/-0.025V
6.Overdischarging Detection Voltage:2.75V+/-0.1V
7.Overdischarging Detection Delay Time:50-150ms
8.Overdischarging Restore Voltage:2.9V+/-0.10V
9.Overcurrent Detection Voltage:150+/-30mv
10.Overcurrent Detection Current:4.5+/-0.5A
11.Overcurrent Detection Delay Time:5ms-15ms
12.Overcurrent Restore Type:automatic restore
13.Short Circuit Detection State:external short circuit
14.Short Circuit Detection Delay Time:<=50us
15.Short Circuit Restore State:automatic restore
16.Internal Resistance:MOSPET <= 40m ohm
17.Operating Temperature Range:-40 - +50 Celsius
18.Storage Temperature Range:-40 - +90 Celsius

1.Connecting Charger Teminal adopts withstand high voltage instrument
2.Internal 3 phase overcurrent detectiton circuit (overcurrent 1,overcurrent 2,load short circuit)
3.MOS tube can control battery charging and discharging
4.Wide Operating Temperature Range
5.Low Consumption Current

Soldering Point Introduction:
1.B+:connect with power positive
2.B-:connect with power negative
3.P+:connect with charging/discharging port positive(charging port/discharging port common used)
4.P-:connect with charging/discharging port negative(charging port/discharging port common used)

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