Crimping Pliers (SN-2549)

Model : TOL-00324

Supplier : Made in China

TechshopBD, Bangladesh


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Crimping Pliers (SN-2549)

Model : SN-2549

Material: High-carbon steel + Plastic

Crimp Range: 0.08-1mm²

AWG: 18-28mm

Length: 190mm


The SN-2549 pliers can crimp the following terminal models:
PH 2.0, 2.5 XH, JST, D-SUB connector,
XH2.54, XH2.5, PH2.0, double row PHD2.0, 
SM2.5 male and female pins, SCN2.5, SAN2.5, 
5264 and other wiring copper cold-pressed terminals.
Suitable for DuPont 2.54 plug spring,
2510 cold press terminal, CH3.96,VH3.96 terminal, 5556, 5558 male and female pins, 
computer 4P EL4.5, 2.8 plug spring,
4.8 plug spring and male insert, 
3.2mm U O-shaped open grounding lugs, etc.

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