Vacuum Pump - 12V 12L/min

Model : MIS-00459

Supplier : Made in China

TechshopBD, Bangladesh


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Vacuum Pump - 12V 12L/Min

1.Micro-pump is powered miniature DC motor drive,
drive internal mechanical eccentric eccentric motion,
driven by an eccentric movement inside the diaphragm reciprocates.
2.The pump chamber fixed volume of air compression
(compression suction port is closed, the exhaust port is formed to open slightly positive pressure),
stretching (compressed exhaust port is closed,
a negative pressure sucking mouth open),
the pumping air intakes with the outside atmospheric pressure difference,
at a pressure difference, the gas pressure (suction) into the pump chamber,
and discharged from the exhaust port.
3.Applications: widely used in seperator, breast, air sampling,
instruments and equipment, medicine and chemical industry,
home appliances and other fields.
4.Small, stable and reliable, hand-held instrument for pump-priming,
low noise, low power consumption.
Especially -suitable for high negative environmental requirements.
5.Suitable for 4.5-6mm tube. The largest part of the outer diameter is 6.5mm.


Operating voltage: DC9V ~ 14V
Rated voltage: DC 12V
Current Rating: 500mA
Power Rating: 6W
Suction capacity: 12L / min
Degree of vacuum: -80kpa
Maximum pressure: 120kpa
Noise: <65db


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