Analog IR Sensor Array 6

Model : SEN-00215

Supplier : Techshop Bangladesh

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Analog IR Sensor Array 6

Most Arduino users have the Arduino Uno board and they have 6 analog pins. This line sensor has been designed to take advantage of all those analog pins. If you are planning to make a line follower or line maze solver robot based on Arduino Uno, this sensor is one of the best options for you.


For Arduino Mega users, we have a 10 sensor variant of this product.(Click here)



1. Great analog line sensor for Arduino Uno. Also compatible with any 5V microcontroller board with analog input.
2. Supports Pololu QTR library (QTR RA) LINK. You can use it just like a Pololu QTR analog sensor.
3. Sunlight and flash resistant. Ability to turn ON & OFF IR LEDs by arduino digital pin.
4. Small and compact design. Uniform 1cm distance between IR sensors for better line detection.


Click here for user manual, circuit connections and codes.


  • Features TCRT500 that has effective plastic packaging and built-in sunlight effect compensation.
  • 1 cm spacing between two adjacent sensors, covering 9cm distance by the entire sensor array.
  • Recommended operational height from ground 3mm-15mm. (height of IR sensors tip, not the PCB).
  • Generates high voltage for white surface and low voltage for black surface on signal pins.
  • Large value difference for white and black surface at recommended operational height from ground (more than 3volts).
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Fazlyfardinchowdhury | Aug 7,2019 at 10:55 PM
Is it compatible with QTRSensors library?
A.R | Aug 8,2019 at 09:34 AM

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