Starter Kit Arduino Uno R3 (SMD)

Model : Kit-00027

Supplier : Made in China

TechshopBD, Bangladesh


1 - 9

10 - 99
BDT462.22Save BDT 8.28

100 +
BDT458.93Save BDT 11.57

Green 11 Available

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Starter Kit Arduino Uno R3

Starter Kit Arduino Uno R3

This one is a small set of an arduino board and related accessories.

Package list:

  • Arduino Uno-1
  • USB cable-1
  • Mini breadboard-1
  • Some male to male jumpers
  • Baterry jack-1



Difference with standard Arduino Uno board-
1. Uses Atmega328p SMD instead of the DIP Atmega328 of the standard one.
2. Uses CH340 instead of Atmega16U2 of the standard one. 

Everything else is exactly the same.

#If your PC doesn't recognize the device when plugged in via USB, please install the following driver.

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Fahemahmed | Oct 29,2015 at 01:13 AM
i need that Starter Kit is it available now??
A.R | Oct 29,2015 at 09:22 AM
No. Outta stock as you can see here.
Rafidkkkkkkik | Jun 14,2019 at 04:48 PM
i ordered it but i got an smd arduino
A.R | Jun 17,2019 at 09:29 AM
Kindly see the picture. This set has smd arduino. You got what is shown in the photo.

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