HMC6343 Tilt Compensated Compass Module

Model No: BRB-00065

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Category: Gyro, Accelerometer & Compass

Supplier: SparkFun, USA

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The HMC6343 is a fully integrated high end electronic compass module that can compute and give you a heading direction that’s accurate within a couple degrees. It is tilt compensated and is calibrated to handle magnetic distortions. This breakout board allows for easy use of the HMC6343. All that is required is power and I2C connections to a microcontroller so that the module can receive commands and send data back to the user.

The IC combines 3-axis magneto-resistive sensors and 3-axis MEMS accelerometers, analog and digital support circuits, a microprocessor and algorithms in firmware required for heading computation. The HMC6343 Breakout needs to be supplied with 3.3V @ 4.5mA and can measure and compute a heading direction every 200ms (5Hz). This board for the HMC6343 breaks out the all the pins you’ll need to send commands and collect data from the electronic compass including GND, 3.3V, SDA, and SCL.

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  • Operating Voltage: 3.3V
  • Run Mode Current: 4.5mA
  • Compass with Heading/Tilt Outputs
  • 3-axis MR Sensors, Accelerometers and a Microprocessor in a Single Package
  • EEPROM Memory
  • I2C Interface

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Q: I was wondering why have you brought this Super Expensive Module from Spark Fun? Just read some comments on Spark Fun about this product, even their US customers think it's too expensive !! 12000+ BDT for an IC ! Insane ! Never Mind, but this is something called bad investment, let's see how long it takes to sell them out ! This is Crazy ! Questioned by suntop, 24-May-2015

10 months passed by, 24000 BDT investment is still stuck like an old cold ! Brilliant...... Answered by suntop, 26-Mar-2016 22:06 PM

1.5 Years passed ! Who's to blame ? @@@ NICE MODULE @@@@ Answered by suntop, 02-Nov-2016 10:21 AM

Q: Instead of this buy the MPU 9250 Questioned by nargisakhter, 17-Sep-2019

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