Technical Assistance Support

Welcome to our Technical Support page! We have a talented and experienced team of electrical and electronic engineers ready to help you with your questions. Technical Support is available from Saturday to Thursday from 10 am to 5 pm (excluding govt. holidays). Technical support is completely FREE of any charge.

Technical support will be provided on the following cases.

  • - Solution to difficulties while using product(s) bought from TechshopBD
  • - Suggestion to choose correct product(s) for your project from TechshopBD
  • - Suggestion to improve/ optimize your project with products from TechshopBD.
  • - Help to choose the correct TechshopBD course
  • - Assistance to understand and recreate any project demonstrated on TSBlog (

How to Avail Technical Assistance:

If you have any technical question, contact us via any of the following.

  • 1. Mail us at
  • 2. Call our customer care number and ask for technical assistance from an engineer.
  • 3. Contact via live chat on our website (when available).
  • 4. Call our customer care, fix a schedule and come to our office to meet with one of our engineers.

We prefer contact via email, and generally we response within 24 hours of receipt. Please allow for up to 3 days for a response in the event that we have a high volume of emails, or more likely the cause of the delay would be that your question requires extra research or effort that takes longer than normal.

Before Asking for Technical Assistance

  • - Make sure that you’ve already searched on the internet and couldn’t find any viable solution.
  • - If the issue is about using a product, check supplier website for specs and user manual.
  • - If the issue is about using a product, make sure that you’ve bought it from TechshopBD.
  • - Make sure that the project you’re working on, has no legal restriction (e.g.: No support for drone).

Terms and conditions:

  • - We’ll never make any customized product/ project for you.
  • - We provide technical support only for product(s) bought from TechshopBD. We might ask you to tell us your order ID / voucher no. to verify your purchase. Any product which is not bought from TechshopBD is NOT eligible for technical assistance.
  • - We won’t make “list of components” for any particular project. We’ll only suggest same/similar product(s) which is/are available on our website from your existing list of components.
  • - No technical support will be provided if it appears to us that the product/ project is meant to be used for illegal / inhumane purpose.
  • - TechshopBD holds the right to decide whether or not a client is eligible to avail technical assistance.

Help: 09678110110

09.00am - 08.00pm (7 days a week)


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