Battery Holder - 1x18650 (wire leads)

Model No: MIS-00359

TK. 197.82

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Category: Battery

Supplier: SparkFun, USA

This is an incredibly simple one cell 18650 Battery Holder. When someone thinks of 18650 Cells they tend to think of flashlights first, which is fair since that is what they have been primarily used for. However, with this battery holder you will gain the ability to incorporate 18650 cells into applications like robotics or prototyping by simply dropping one into this device and attaching the leads, that’s it.

Every 18650 Battery Holder is equipped with two 6" cables for power and ground, each protruding from opposite ends of the casing. Both have been terminated with bare wire leads.

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  • Holder: 74.5mm x 21.5mm x 17.7mm (2.93" x 0.84" x 0.69")
  • Overall Length: 379.3mm (14.9")

Question & Answer

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Q: can it hold AA size 1.2 volt batteries. Questioned by Nayan_Podder, 24-Dec-2016

Q: 152 BDT,Is this the price for one holder? Questioned by mdarif78781, 09-Nov-2017

Yes. Answered by A.R, 11-Nov-2017 09:26 AM

Price is too high. I got those from another website per piece 29 tk only Answered by mdarif78781, 12-Nov-2017 18:47 PM

Please see the description section and the supplier's name on top. This is from sparkfun and we already have attached the link of the supplier in the description section so that people can see the price in dollar and compare. This is the original site link Answered by A.R, 13-Nov-2017 09:32 AM

The chinese one is here and out of stock. Answered by A.R, 13-Nov-2017 09:34 AM

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