This is a IR receiver.




                |  _  |
                | | | |
                | | | |
               |  |    |
               |  |    |
               |  |    |
        (GND) (5V) (Out)

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Q: Frequency ? IC no ? Questioned by zabir966, 03-Aug-2012

Freq: 38KHz Answered by Fahad, 12-Aug-2012 16:32 PM

Q: out voltage? Questioned by tokyo_emb, 15-Nov-2012

5v Answered by Fahad, 15-Nov-2012 13:02 PM

Q: I need Tsop 1738. How can I get it?Can I use TSOP382 instead of TSOP 1738? Questioned by mdalamin, 09-Mar-2013

Q: I need Tsop 1738. How can I get it?Can I use TSOP382 instead of TSOP 1738? Questioned by mdalamin, 09-Mar-2013

Q: TSOP 1736 supports upto 40 KHZ.So,for any application within this frequency range,this one can be helpful. Questioned by A.R, 10-Mar-2013

Q: I bought one of this from techshop a few months back. But techshop gave me a TSOP98138 instead- which has a totally different application, and it is of no use to me. Do you actually sell TSOP1736? Questioned by Pratik, 04-Dec-2013

We are extremely sorry for this mishap. The problem is, these products are local. Brands of two consecutive lots often mismatch in case of locally purchased products. We will try to find TSOP1736 and if we succeed,we will give you a replacement. Sorry once again for this inconvenience. Answered by A.R, 05-Dec-2013 12:42 PM

Q: Well that would be very considerate of you guys! Thank you. But the truth is, TSOP1736 is not EXACTLY what I need- I can make do with anything that takes a TV IR remote control signal as input, and outputs a DEmodulated output. (the 98138 gives a modulated output) I believe the IR Mini receiver sensor (tsop382...) you have could do the job just fine. The question is, could you please ensure that the datasheet you have for this product is its own? I would buy that one instead then. Questioned by Pratik, 05-Dec-2013

Q: Would you please told me about the operation of IR Receiver Sensor Model : SEN-00014 and IR transmitter! Questioned by chinmoy.mondal, 02-May-2014

Q: I just bought one of these and it always show output as 1.did I do something wrong or sensor problem??is laser sensor better?? Questioned by, 09-Dec-2015

Always means what? Even without any transmitter nearby? Answered by A.R, 10-Dec-2015 10:34 AM

yes Answered by, 10-Dec-2015 10:54 AM

Q: does it work with dc input?? Questioned by [email protected], 09-Jul-2021

Yes. It may work with only DC power. Answered by FAHIM_REAZA, 10-Jul-2021 13:03 PM

Q: Beautiful sensor. Questioned by JonayedAziz, 29-Jan-2022

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JonayedAziz, 12-Feb-2022

Datasheet Please!


[email protected], 17-Nov-2023

nice product


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