- CC CV buck converter. You can control output voltage and Maximum Output Current

- Can provide up to 32V voltage and 5A current at output

- Bulit-in LCD panel shows Input & Output voltage, output current and power consumption

- Output Enable/ disable button

- Plastic Shell to protect LCD and circuit components from damage

- Input reverse voltage protection, output short circuit protection


Usage Instructions:

- IN/OUT Button: Short press to toggle between  input or output voltage & current display. Long press to toggle between current or power display.

- ON/OFF Button: Short press to enable/disable output. Long press to toggle output state at powerup.

- CV and CC Pot: Rotate the CV and CC pot to change output voltage and max output current. 



Caution: Never put AC voltage to the Input pins. Only provide DC voltage.

Input voltage: 5.3-32V

Output voltage: 1.2-32V (Must be at least 1V than Input Voltage)

Output Current: 5A max

Output Power: 160W max

Voltage display (LCD): resolution 0.05V, range 0-32V

Current display (LCD): resolution 0.01A, range 0-5A

Conversion efficiency: about 96%

Input reverse Voltage protection: Yes

Output Short Circuit Protection: yes

Shell Material: Plastic (Acrylic)

Dimension: 82mm X 52mm X 32mm (l X b X h)

Weight: 80g (including plastic parts, screws and heat sink)

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