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Now you can develop games, graphics and media applications with the Propeller Powered HYDRA Game Console. For beginners to intermediate coders, you need only basic programming experience in any BASIC or C-like language. All of the hardware and software you need are included, along with the comprehensive book on game programming for the Propeller in Spin and assembly language - "Game Programming for the Propeller Powered HYDRA". Within the book, the HYDRA hardware is covered in detail with schematics, descriptions, and tips allowing you to take full advantage of its resources, including its expansion port and game card.

Written by best-selling game development author Andre’ LaMothe, the included book is your complete guide to developing games, graphics, and media applications for the Propeller Powered HYDRA Game console. The book assumes you have only basic programming experience in any BASIC or C-like language. It covers all aspects of the Propeller chip from its architecture to using the Propeller Tool IDE for programming in both Spin and assembly language, with numerous demo programs to use as starting points for your own games.

Included on the CD is all the source code and executables for all the included games, demos, tools and examples. Additionally, “HYDRA Tiny BASIC” based on the “Tiny BASIC” specification originally published in “Dr. Dobb’s Journal” in 1975 is included. With this classic version of BASIC you can write programs directly on the HYDRA without the need for a PC! Simply load BASIC into the HYDRA or on the included game cartridge and you are up and running with nothing more than your TV and keyboard.

The HYDRA is not only a game console, but a complete computer system with everything you need to get started exploring the fascinating world of game development and the new multiprocessing Propeller Chip!



  • 128K Memory Card
  • Familiar multi-button game pad
  • Blank experimenter card for prototyping
  • Extensive HYDRA Manual
  • Expandable port
  • Propeller microcontroller

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