This is Atmel's high performance, low power 8-bit AVR ATMega328P microcontroller in a pint-sized TQFP package. 

  • operating Volatage:1.8-5.5V
  • Maximum Operating  Frequency: 20MHz
  • Flash:32kB 
  • EEPROM:1kB
  • Internal SRAM:2kB
  • 8-bit Timer/Counters:2
  • 16-bit Timer/Counter:1
  • RTC with separate oscillator
  • 6 PWM Channels
  • 8 Channel 10-bit ADC

Question & Answer

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Q: datasheet says 328P while the heading says 328. which variant is this actually? atmega328 or 328P? Programming with Arduino for these 2 variants of 328 chip is little different and it is crucial to know which one I am buying. Questioned by shkhahmd, 05-Dec-2015

We got 328P in stock now. Answered by A.R, 07-Dec-2015 04:36 AM

thanks! Soon will orderfew of these. Answered by shkhahmd, 11-Dec-2015 13:00 PM

Q: Atnega328 SMD Breakout পাওয়া যাবে? Questioned by Sumon123, 26-Apr-2016

Dear customer, we are sorry to inform you that, just now we have no breakout board for “ATmega328P (SMD)”. Your query is now in our concern. Our “Technical Team” will start to work with this as soon as possible. Just now, we suggest you to check “ATmega128”. We have “ATmega128 Breakout Board” also. [Chip_Link: ] [Breakout_Board_Link_1: ] [Breakout_Board_Link_2: ] Answered by FAHIM_REAZA, 26-Apr-2016 11:07 AM

Q: When this smd will be available in your stock? Questioned by [email protected], 20-May-2021

Can't say for sure at the moment. Answered by almamun3248, 22-May-2021 10:53 AM

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