3.6V Micro hydro generator

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Hydro power is clean, renewable energy. Here is a G1/2 micro hydro generator which can supply stably output voltage and output current with the help of one voltage stabilizing circuit and one rechargeable battery. We can install it at home to save household energy, like using spray shower to light LEDs etc.

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Weight  165 g
Output voltage   3.6V
Battery Capacity  300mA
Maximum working pressure 1.75 MPa
Working pressure 0~1.75MPa
Working temperature 0~110°C

Maximum  30mins at 110 °C
Recommend flow rate range  1.5~20 l/min

(Pressure 0.05-0.2mpa)
Installation Method direction of arrow
Material  nylon/glass fiber,


Question & Answer

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Q: I have few questions about this product, *What is the length of the inner and outer diameter? *What is the rating of output current & power? *How much time does it need to charge the lipo battery if the water flow rate is constant 1.5litre/min? Questioned by humdandipto, 29-Sep-2014

Please check the specifications and documents .Those are all the information we have about it. Answered by A.R, 30-Sep-2014 04:30 AM

Q: would this 3.6V micro hydro generator be used for school project?The project is to light up a 5watt led bulb using dynamo and propeller as wind turbine. Questioned by jubaerhr, 22-Mar-2016

voltage is only 3.6V. Output current 300mA only. That can glow a standard size LED at best. Answered by A.R, 23-Mar-2016 15:25 PM

Q: what is hydro generator? can we use water inner line? what is (Red,Black)-,+,? Questioned by tanbirbhuiyan1984, 20-Apr-2016

“A hydroelectric generator converts this mechanical energy into electricity.” There is a motor inside the hydro generator and the rotor of this motor is attached to the turbine shaft, and rotates at a fixed speed due to flow of water and this in turn, causes electricity to flow and a voltage to develop at the generator output terminals. The direction of flow of water is ordered by a arrow symbol in the bottom side of the "3.6V Micro hydro generator". Here Red and Black wire is the output terminal of this "3.6V Micro hydro generator", which produces 3.6V due to continuous flow of pressurized water. Answered by FAHIM_REAZA, 21-Apr-2016 06:06 AM

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