9v Battery Connector

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Q: It's a useful thing...little ..so what... Questioned by Shahanuzzaman, 15-Mar-2014

ya very useful Answered by fahmid_zaman, 25-Oct-2014 20:32 PM

Q: the connecter does not fit with the 9V battery.the sockets are of the same size, there's no way it will fit. So how can I use the 9v battery? Questioned by Istiak.inam, 22-Jan-2015

Both the 9V battery and the connector are now in my hand and they fit each other perfectly. Same sized socket??? Are you sure? The one in my hand has two different sized socket just as shown in the photo here. Would you please send a picture of the product you got to [email protected]? Answered by A.R, 22-Jan-2015 10:28 AM

sorry, my mistake! It does fit! Answered by Istiak.inam, 22-Jan-2015 13:09 PM

Q: Hey the terminals r connected wrong...red one connectz to positive and black on connectz to negenative...plz notice that misfitness Questioned by shakkor, 01-Jun-2015

That's what it's supposed to be like! Answered by ShadmanRahman, 12-Oct-2016 21:05 PM

Q: 9V battery button power cable pawa jbe? Questioned by Mushfiq33170, 20-Apr-2017

No. Sorry. Everything we have in the site is everything we have in real life. Answered by A.R, 20-Apr-2017 17:18 PM

Ok. Thanks Answered by Mushfiq33170, 20-Apr-2017 18:03 PM

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