Miniature Solar Cell - BPW34

Model No: SOL-00001

TK. 170.55

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Category: Solar

Supplier: SparkFun, USA

Product package contains 1 solar cell.


The BPW34 is a tiny, general purpose PiN photodiode. This photodiode has a ton of uses, one of which is to use it is a mini solar cell to power your project. The cell is sensitive to a wide range of light wavelengths (430-1100nm), so it should produce power in a number of different settings. The rated open circuit voltage is 350mV (900nm, 1mW/cm2 light source), and short circuit current is 47μA.

These are fun (of course)! We shined a 940nm infrared LED on one of them and it produced about 0.5VDC open circuit voltage. Stringing four together in series, we were able to turn an LED on with them. They’ll also produce a small voltage, ~250mV, in a brightly, fluorescent-lit room.


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  • 4V output
  • Works best with natural sunlight
  • Provides true wireless power
  • No EMI/RFI generation
  • Solid state reliability
  • Small 8-pin surface mount SOIC

Question & Answer

Total 15 questions

Q: when will be available Questioned by irfan00785, 11-Dec-2013

These are on process of coming. Please turn on the free auto notification service so that you are notified as soon as it reaches again. Answered by A.R, 11-Dec-2013 10:27 AM

Q: bhaia aita te wires join korbo kibhabe? aktu joldi bolben plz? Questioned by mortal, 10-May-2014

Q: bhaia aita te wires join korbo kibhabe? aktu joldi bolben plz? Questioned by mortal, 10-May-2014

You have to solder this on PCB. If you need to join wires, you have to connect the wires to your PCB. Answered by A.R, 11-May-2014 09:22 AM

normally jodi pin gule te wire join kore den akshonge wire gule k join kore nile hobe na? Answered by mortal, 12-May-2014 01:06 AM

Q: emne wire lagale hobe? plz reply Questioned by mortal, 11-May-2014

Q: 5 and 8 pin is output.But i don't know what the use of other pins.Please help me about these:) Questioned by mdrazu, 10-Aug-2014

Other pins are of no use. Just for soldering the cell. Answered by A.R, 11-Aug-2014 10:30 AM

thanks Answered by mdrazu, 11-Aug-2014 20:11 PM

Q: Eta dia ki Tamiya 70097 Twin-Motor Gearbox chalano jabe? Questioned by ajoymandal, 02-Sep-2014

No. Its output current is much less than Tamiya motor's rated current. Answered by A.R, 03-Sep-2014 10:52 AM

Q: It's output voltage is 4v but how about output current?? Questioned by Farid_rokz, 21-Sep-2014

Short circuit current:50 uA Answered by A.R, 22-Sep-2014 09:48 AM

Q: Can I directly generate electricity by keeping it in Sun light? Questioned by faisal84265, 02-Nov-2014

yes. Answered by A.R, 04-Nov-2015 09:51 AM

Q: Ei product ta kobe available hobe.Amar december e eta lagbe. Plz plz plz reply den. Questioned by aazdhrubo, 03-Nov-2015

Very soon insha Allah. Please click 'Notify me W/A'. You will get Sms as soon as it is uploaded. Answered by A.R, 04-Nov-2015 09:51 AM

Q: Ei product ta kobe available hobe?? Amar february te eta lagbe. Plz plz plz reply den. Questioned by kamrulhasanj, 15-Dec-2015

Soon. Answered by A.R, 15-Dec-2015 17:56 PM

Q: Vai ami aita ki vaba kinbo? Questioned by mitul.xr, 31-Dec-2015

এই বইতে লেখা নিয়ম অনুযায়ী অর্ডার করুন। Answered by A.R, 31-Dec-2015 15:57 PM

Q: How is its output mA? Questioned by SHABABANAM, 20-Jun-2016

Short Circuit Current = 50 Micro-Ampere. Answered by FAHIM_REAZA, 21-Jun-2016 09:33 AM

Q: jodi 2 ta series e lagai then mobile e charge dewar jnno j power bank use kori oita charge dewa jabe? gele kivabe dibo, n na gele reasn ta ki?? janaben Questioned by rumon2071, 06-Aug-2016

No. You can't use it to make a charge for your power bank. Because power bank uses 5v to charge and if you make a series connection with two "Miniature Solar Cell - CPC1822", that make a 8V output voltage and may damage the power bank. Answered by FAHIM_REAZA, 09-Aug-2016 10:07 AM

Do you have any PCB to mount this "Miniature Solar Cell - CPC1822" ? Answered by FarhadSyed, 11-Feb-2017 02:46 AM

PCB must be done by user. Answered by A.R, 11-Feb-2017 10:18 AM

Q: When this product will be available? Questioned by azimuddin, 18-Oct-2016

Within next week hopefully. Answered by A.R, 19-Oct-2016 16:21 PM

Q: I want to create a short circuit across the solar cell by connecting an ammeter across it. How can I do it without using a PCB? Questioned by absur_siam, 28-Apr-2018

This is smd package. So, PCB must be done. Answered by A.R, 28-Apr-2018 10:38 AM

Can't I touch the ammeter's cathode and anode with the pins of the cells and measure the current? Answered by absur_siam, 28-Apr-2018 11:47 AM

This is breadboard friendly. You can place it on breadboard and connect one male to male jumper in parallel with each leg. Then you can touch the ammeter probes with the two ends of the jumpers. Answered by A.R, 30-Apr-2018 09:55 AM

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