This is a mini non soldered breadboard. You can use it in your projects where space is an issue.

Dimension: 3"x2"

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Q: how much hole does it have?? anyone tell me?? Questioned by kochiBHUYAN, 29-Feb-2016

400. Answered by A.R, 01-Mar-2016 04:14 AM

Q: Dimension? Questioned by salim.sadman111, 02-Mar-2016

Q: Dimension koi? Questioned by salim.sadman111, 04-Mar-2016

We are closed today and tomorrow too. Let us inform you later after opening the office and measuring a sample from the store. Answered by A.R, 04-Mar-2016 07:41 AM

আচ্ছা ঠিক আছে কিন্তু আকার টা জানা খুব জরুরি। Answered by salim.sadman111, 04-Mar-2016 08:04 AM

3"x 2" Answered by A.R, 06-Mar-2016 03:42 AM

Q: আর ভর টা বললে আরেকটু হেল্প হতো.... Questioned by salim.sadman111, 07-Mar-2016

দুঃখিত। ওটা আমাদের জানা নেই। Answered by A.R, 07-Mar-2016 03:50 AM

ওকে ঠিক আছে ধন্যবাদ Answered by salim.sadman111, 07-Mar-2016 03:53 AM

Q: Please make it available as soon as possible. Questioned by MehrabHaq, 03-Apr-2016

This product is already available. Answered by FAHIM_REAZA, 05-Apr-2016 09:04 AM

Q: নন-সোল্ডার্ড মানে?? ইন্টারনাল কানেকশন নেই?? Questioned by boniamin, 22-Jan-2017

Q: size? Questioned by iron_Aamir, 30-Mar-2017

3"x 2" Answered by A.R, 30-Mar-2017 09:36 AM

Q: Is this the half size breadboard? Questioned by Sumit1729, 20-Jan-2018

Yes. Answered by A.R, 21-Jan-2018 04:32 AM

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