Current Sensor ACS712 (20A)

Model No: SEN-00082

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Category: Current

Supplier: Made in China

1. current sensor chip: ACS712ELC-20A;

2. pin 5V power supply, on-board power indicator; 

3. the module can be measured plus or minus 20 amps, corresponding to the analog output 100mV / A;

Question & Answer

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Q: Awesome ! This is what I was looking for using with PV system for measurement purpose ! Keep up the good work Teckboyz ! Questioned by suntop, 10-Aug-2014

Q: It was quite a pain to solder this on a vero board and I almost blew it ! At first, I was getting some weird reading (4.83 v or 0.31) form the V_out without any current. Well, then I noticed that I haven't connected the bypass capacitor, after adding that every thing is ok, getting 2.52 V @ 0 A current. Hay, techshop guys, could you please make your own branded current sensor module with these and make available for sale @ 350-400 taka ? It will make life easy ! Questioned by suntop, 16-Aug-2014

Q: how can get AC current output by this IC ? Actually i have connect this IC but the output current is DC Now how can i get Ac current output Questioned by smartsinger98, 07-Sep-2014

The output is not current. It's an analog voltage. Please see that datasheet carefully. Answered by A.R, 07-Sep-2014 10:38 AM

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