Programmable DC Power Supply

Model No: TOL-00088

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Compact  adjustable DC power supply. It features seven segment display unit and indicator LEDs. It has five buttons namely M1-M5 which you can use for storing five specific values of voltage and current.

  • Brand:Vantek
  • Model:DPS 3305P
  • Maximum Voltage:32V
  • Maximum Current:5A
  • No. of Channels:1
  • No. of memories:5

Question & Answer

Total 15 questions

Q: Isn't the price too high? Questioned by kriton091, 14-Dec-2014

yes it is Answered by CopperMasud, 21-Aug-2015 09:09 AM

Q: Is it a brand new product? and Is there any warranty? Questioned by sdt0014, 17-Oct-2015

Brand: Ventek. If product is faulty from the beginning, we will change it. But no guarantee for damage due to using. Answered by A.R, 18-Oct-2015 04:16 AM

Q: Cand u guys fix it if any thing goes wrong? Questioned by Hasib_Rahman, 22-Oct-2015

No. No repairing. Answered by A.R, 25-Oct-2015 04:23 AM

Q: can you send me the cotation of this instrument. Questioned by PRITOM224, 12-May-2016

Please follow the "Specification" and "Description" tap. Answered by FAHIM_REAZA, 16-May-2016 03:45 AM

Q: Where can I find the cables for this? I already have a cheap DC power supply but my cable broke Questioned by sadmanh, 21-Aug-2016

Dear customer, please browse the given link bellow: Link: Answered by FAHIM_REAZA, 23-Aug-2016 03:13 AM

thanks! Answered by sadmanh, 24-Aug-2016 16:50 PM

Q: Hi there, Could you please let me know the output impedance of the power supply? Questioned by FarhadSyed, 24-Jan-2017

Q: Hi there, I bought this DC power supply but the user manual is missing into the packaging box. Could you please send the user manual or just email the pdf file of the same? Questioned by FarhadSyed, 16-Mar-2017

Hello, sorry this product is out of stock and there is no way to tell if there is any manual supplied with it usually. You can google the model name to see if you find anything. Sorry for this inconvenience. Answered by A.R, 19-Mar-2017 05:41 AM

I googled to find the user manual before writing to you, unfortunately couldn't get any.Just wondering whether you could contact the manufacturer/vendor to provide you at least the soft copy of the user manual. Answered by FarhadSyed, 19-Mar-2017 13:48 PM

Ok. Please Give us some time to contact supplier. Answered by A.R, 20-Mar-2017 06:32 AM

Dear A.R., just a gentle reminder regarding the user manual ? Answered by FarhadSyed, 27-Mar-2017 14:20 PM

Unfortunately even this time the manual inside the packet is chinese! You are still trying to get the english one. We are very sorry for such a problem. Answered by A.R, 28-Mar-2017 04:15 AM

Please see this link. It is helpful. Answered by A.R, 28-Mar-2017 05:01 AM

Q: Hello Brother, This Power Supply is made with Transformer??? Questioned by tanju18ctg, 28-Mar-2017

Sorry we never broke it up. But usually power supplies have a transformer inside. Answered by A.R, 29-Mar-2017 03:45 AM

Q: How Weight This power Supply?? Questioned by tanju18ctg, 29-Mar-2017

Q: Hello Brother pls Tell me How to actual Weight This power Supply? Questioned by tanju18ctg, 29-Mar-2017

4.5kg Answered by A.R, 30-Mar-2017 03:52 AM

Q: Is the MODEL number correct?? Does the supply same as the picture given above. Specially the output port. please check the following link Questioned by fkfaisal, 20-Jun-2017

Q: Please bring the ELV DPS 7000 Questioned by nargisakhter, 13-Aug-2018

We have no plan to bring that now. If you want to import from any other website through us, please mail with link to [email protected] Answered by A.R, 14-Aug-2018 03:20 AM

Q: I've two question 1. Does it have USB port? 2. Why this price is low compared to this link's product: Questioned by imaruf, 28-Nov-2018

1)No. 2)Our supplier of this product is not alliexpress. So, We are not able to make any comment regarding this issue. Answered by A.R, 29-Nov-2018 03:15 AM

Q: What is is brand, model and other specifications? Please provideo details like output voltage, output current and so on. Specifications tab is currently disabled. Questioned by [email protected], 08-Jun-2021

Please check the ''specification'' section again. Answered by almamun3248, 10-Jun-2021 04:58 AM

Q: 1 pcs nedded Questioned by [email protected], 02-Aug-2021

Please order from website and contact us if you need any help while ordering. Answered by almamun3248, 02-Aug-2021 10:45 AM

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