Wanna generate sound in your project? Try this simple magnetic buzzer. This is the same buzzer we have used in our developement boards.This one generates a continuous beep usually when supplied with power but you can generate any tone as you wish by interfacing it with a micrcontroller with proper coding.

Type Magnetic Transducer, Self Drive (External Drive with Feedback)
Sound Pressure Level 82dB
Mounting Type Through Hole
Capacitance @ Frequency -
Frequency 2.3kHz
Packaging Tray
Operating Mode Continuous
Voltage Range 2 ~ 5VDC
Voltage - Rated 3VDC
Current Rating 30mA
Size / Dimension Circular - 12mm Dia x 7.5mm H
Termination Solder Pins/Posts
Lead Free Status Lead Free
RoHS Status RoHS Compliant

Question & Answer

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Q: there's written 'remove seal after washing' what does it mean? does it mean I must wash the buzzer before use? I hope I didn't ask a ridiculous questions. Questioned by jabedn2003, 11-Sep-2013

It means that the cover should not be removed before the buzzer is soldered and the PCB is cleaned with thinner. By 'washing',it's indicated 'cleaning'. Answered by A.R, 14-Sep-2013 04:45 AM

Q: how i use it? Questioned by fahadalam, 27-Feb-2014

That depends on your application. The main principle is, the buzzer will generate a sound when you connect the two legs with Positive and GND. Answered by A.R, 02-Mar-2014 04:11 AM

Q: the buzzer is out of stock when will u guys buy more i mean i need 3 buzzers and its important can u teLL me the date please??????? Questioned by fahmid_zaman, 15-Oct-2014

Q: When I connect the buzzer with a battery is it will make sound? Questioned by faisal84265, 02-Nov-2014

Yes. Answered by A.R, 03-Nov-2014 04:10 AM

Q: Please correct the summary description. This is actually a 3V buzzer and 5V burns it. Questioned by NurAlam, 16-Apr-2015

Q: Is the frequency fixed or can i vary it using PWM or tone() function in arduino? Questioned by saaakib, 03-Jun-2016

Yes, you can use PWM signal to vary the sound. Answered by FAHIM_REAZA, 05-Jun-2016 12:37 PM

Q: Buzzar ti koto volt er? Questioned by imrulkayesh, 10-Sep-2017

২-৫ ভোল্ট। অনুগ্রহ করে স্পেসিফিকেশন সেকশনটি দেখুন। সকল ডিটেইলস দেওয়া আছে। Answered by A.R, 10-Sep-2017 12:04 PM

Q: Resistor লাগালে ১২ ভোল্টে কাজ করবে? Questioned by mdasad, 30-Nov-2017

দেখুন, এটার পজিটিভ পিনে ১২ ভোল্টের বেশি কোনোভাবেই দেওয়া যাবে না। ১২ ভোল্ট থেকে স্টেপ ডাউন করে হোক আর সরাসরি হোক, ৫ ভোল্টই দিতে হবে। Answered by A.R, 03-Dec-2017 06:07 AM

Q: Can this buzzer produce different frequency sounds when properly interfaced to a microcontroller. if not suggest me the one which can produce different frequency sounds. Questioned by Rafsanvelocity, 01-Dec-2017

Hello, It can. But for your purpose we think 'Digital buzzer module' is better. https://www.techshopbd.com/product-categories/modules-98775/1690/digital-buzzer-module-techshop-bangladesh Answered by A.R, 03-Dec-2017 03:17 AM

Q: Can this run on 5v? Questioned by AhmedNahian, 12-May-2018

Yes. Answered by A.R, 12-May-2018 10:27 AM

Q: can i use this 9v battery? Questioned by abir898, 13-Nov-2018

Not without stepping down to 5V. Please see the 'specification ' tab. Answered by A.R, 18-Nov-2018 04:46 AM

Q: I just powered it with 9v. Sound was a bit low but worked. Questioned by nargisakhter, 17-Sep-2019

Q: Summary says: " 5V continuous tone buzzer " Specification says : "Voltage Range 2 ~ 5VDC Voltage - Rated 3VDC" Which one is correct ? Here is my requirements, I need 8 buzzers to be used with 8 mcu running at 3V. Can you ensure these will work with 3 volts (2AA) ? Questioned by suntop, 25-Nov-2019

For maximum sound it needs 5V. At 2 volt it starts making sound but low. Answered by A.R, 26-Nov-2019 04:08 AM

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