Audio Amplifier Kit STA540

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Supplier: SparkFun, USA

 STA540 baesd Audio Amplifier Kit

This is a stereo amplifier kit designed to make use of theSTA540 power amplifier IC. Once this kit is completed you have a fully functional, two-channel audio amplifier, complete with a standby switch, volume control and indicator LEDs. The kit also includes a 6400BG heatsink for the STA540 to dissipate any damaging heat.

In this kit, the STA540 is configured as a dual bridge amplifier capable of delivering up to 2x 38W (4Ω at 18V). Power supplied to the kit directly powers the STA540 and should be within 8 to 22V.

This kit comes as a bag of parts, you’ll need to solder everything to the PCB. All components are through-hole, so it shouldn’t be too difficult; but this kit is a bit more complex than our other through-hole kits.

Kit Includes:

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Question & Answer

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Q: plase import a smaller, cheaper amplifier. Questioned by AzimAlif, 06-Jan-2016

Q: Is it possible to manage a STK4192 original audio amplifier IC ? Questioned by akpaul, 19-Feb-2017

Please send proper website link to sourcing or fill up this form Answered by A.R, 20-Feb-2017 05:24 AM

Q: Can you bring the audio amplifier called TDA2030 or TDA2030a? it's a module. I found it somewhere before, but they stopped selling it when I decided to buy one. I need at least 3 of these, if you can bring it it'll be awesome. Questioned by AzimAlif, 12-May-2017

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