0.28 inch LED digital DC voltmeter - Blue

Model No: MOD-00070

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Category: Measurement

Supplier: Seeed Studio, China

This mini voltmeter features a 3-digit  0.28 inch seven segment display. It has reverse connect protection function. When voltage is less than 10V, two decimal places will be shown. When voltage is more than 10V, one decimal place will be shown. This voltmeter can be used to measure mobile phone battery ,car battery and such other application.

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  • Voltage range: 2.8~ 30V
  • Work current: <30mA
  • Size: 30x11.7x9.2 mm
  • Measure speed: 200ms/one time
  • Accuracy: 3%

Question & Answer

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Q: Very cool stuff ! Needs no Battery, useful for checking Battery Bank Voltage, Display for Variable Power Supply (made using MC34063, LM317/350) Solar Panel Voltage etc... by permanently installing across voltage sources. Not suitable for measuring voltages on circuits, since this voltmeter itself is a load and consumes around 10-20 mA current ! There is a variable pot on the back, so calibration is possible against Standard Multimeter. Excellent Accuracy below 10 volt DC (about 1% error) Questioned by suntop, 24-May-2015

Q: Pls let me know when stock arrives Questioned by ridoynuhin, 25-May-2015

Please click on 'Notify me W/A' Answered by A.R, 26-May-2015 04:25 AM

Q: I need this badly. when it ll be available again? Questioned by atifmahbub, 05-Jul-2015

Q: why is this 400tk while the one that can mesure voltage and current 350tk? is this more accurate or something? Questioned by AzimAlif, 13-Jan-2017

Q: ei led display tar niche jei board ta ase otake ki bole??? oi board ta ki pawa jabe?? Questioned by sajjadkhan, 28-May-2017

না। Answered by A.R, 29-May-2017 03:24 AM

Q: এটা কত ভোল্ট থেকে কত ভোল্ট পর্যন্ত শো করে? Questioned by mdalaminhosen, 17-Jun-2017

Please see the 'specification' section. Answered by A.R, 19-Jun-2017 04:39 AM

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