Magnetic Door Switch Set

Model No: MIS-00313

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Category: Switch & Button

Supplier: SparkFun, USA

This is the Magnetic Door Switch Set, a small reed switch assembly specifically designed to alert you when doors, drawers, or any other aperture opens. These types of switches are primarily used in home security systems. One half of the assembly set on a window or door frame and the other attached to the window or door itself. When the switch set is separated from each other the contact is broken and triggers an alarm.

When each magnet piece comes within 20mm of each other they complete the circuit with the internal reed switches. Each Magnetic Door Switch set can accept a max voltage of up to 100V at 500mA. Additionally each set is housed in durable ABS plastic and, with the included screws, can easily mount to most surfaces.

Dimensions: 34 × 41 × 6.5 mm


  • 1x Magnetic Door Switch Set
  • 4x Phillips Mounting Screw

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  • Max Voltage: ≤100VDC
  • Max Current: ≤500mA
  • Max Rating: ≤10W
  • Gap: 20±5mm
  • Contact Mode: NO

Question & Answer

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Q: at abar khakon patepare Questioned by Khalek0196, 29-Sep-2015

Q: এটা আবার পাওয়া যাবে কথন Questioned by Khalek0196, 17-Oct-2015

আরও দশ-বারোদিন মিনিমাম। Answered by A.R, 18-Oct-2015 04:05 AM

Q: eta kono controller chara as a swtch hishebe use kora jabe? Questioned by Simonn, 09-Dec-2015

It is basically a reed switch. Please see the video in the documents section. Answered by A.R, 10-Dec-2015 05:03 AM

Q: What is the length of the wire? Can i connect this to the breadboard and control it via Raspberry pi 2? Is there any wire extensions? Questioned by NafisHasnian, 22-Mar-2016

This is a reed switch. it's energized by magnetic field. Please see sparkfun's video to understand the working principle. Answered by A.R, 23-Mar-2016 15:22 PM

Q: When will this be available again? Questioned by Macaroni91, 19-Nov-2016

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