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This is a custom designed module for the DS1307 Real Time Clock. The module comes fully assembled. The DS1307 is accessed via the I2C protocol. We've written a test-bed to program the modules. This test-bed code should give you some insight on how to interface the module to any microcontroller using our example software I2C and BCD routines.



  • Two wire I2C interface
  • Hour : Minutes : Seconds AM/PM
  • Day Month, Date - Year
  • Leap year compensation
  • Accurate calendar up to year 2100
  • Battery backup included
  • 1Hz output pin
  • 56 Bytes of Non-volatile memory available to user


You'll need a CR2032 battery to run this module.


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Question & Answer

Total 9 questions

Q: Where is the testbed program mentioned in Description? I am looking for documentation on how I can connect this to Arduino. Thanks. Questioned by sohelislam, 15-Jul-2015

1)https://www.techshopbd.com/tutorial-categories/mcu-projects/23/real-time-clock-techshop-bangladesh 2)https://www.techshopbd.com/tutorial-categories/mcu-projects/46/real-time-clock-2-techshop-bangladesh Answered by A.R, 22-Jul-2015 06:11 AM

Q: a te ke program deyathake Questioned by Khalek0196, 01-Sep-2015

না। Answered by A.R, 06-Sep-2015 04:31 AM

Q: What is the difference? https://www.techshopbd.com/product-categories/modules-98775/712/real-time-clock-module-techshop-bangladesh Questioned by kriton091, 04-Sep-2016

Q: আমি গত এক সপ্তাহ আগে এই মডিউল টা কিনেছি । কিন্তু এখনও পর্যন্ত এটাকে কাজ করাতে পারিনি । এমনকি আমি এটাও নিশ্চিত হতে পারছি না যে এটা আদৌ কাজ করে কিনা । আমার কোডে Wire.endTransmission(); ফাংশনের পর থেকেই আরডুইনো আনরেসপন্সিভ হয়ে পড়ে । Questioned by yahyatamim, 11-Sep-2016

আপনি আরডুইনোর RTC লাইব্রেরির স্যাম্পল কোড দিয়ে চেষ্টা করুন। Answered by A.R, 17-Sep-2016 06:42 AM

Q: I need this.. plz make available... Questioned by Saiful123033, 12-Dec-2016

Q: Final project er jonne lagbe.. plz available kore din vai. Questioned by Saiful123033, 14-Dec-2016

Q: can i store data on it? and re-use the data on-demand? if yes then how much data i can store? Questioned by bzaman, 23-Oct-2017

No. DS1307 is just a calender IC. Please read the datasheet carefully. Answered by A.R, 24-Oct-2017 03:36 AM

Q: Not rechargeable battery CR2032 ব্যবহার করলে এই মডিউলের মাধ্যমে charge পাবার কোন সম্ভাবনা আছে? যা একই জাতীয় DS3132 rtc module এর একটি বড় সমস্যা। Questioned by hasib119, 08-Nov-2018

না। Answered by A.R, 10-Nov-2018 03:26 AM

Q: does it try to charge the CR2032 not rechargeable battery? I ask this because this is a problem in DS3231/DS1307 rtc module. Questioned by hasib119, 08-Nov-2018

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