Raspberry Pi 7 inch TFT Touch LCD Module

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A good solution for those seeking for a bigger resolution display for Raspberry Pi. it can work as a computer monitor just like any other general HDMI screen too (compatible with win7,、win8,、win 10 computers). 


Connect Raspberry pi HDMI port to LCD HDMI port using a HDMI cable. Then any Raspberry pi USB port to any of LCD micro usb port using a USB cable for power and touch signal.


No driver is needed for touch control, both for Raspberry Pi and windows computer. Multitouch works only on Windows. On Raspbian, only single touch works.



  • 7’’ standard display, 1024 × 600 Hardware resolution, Up to 1920x1080 software configuration resolution.
  • Capacitive touch screen, maximum support 5 point touch
  • Support backlight control alone, the backlight can be turned off to save power
  • Can be used as general-purpose-use HDMI monitor, for example: connect with a computer HDMI as the sub-display
  • Work as a PC monitor, support win7, win8, win10 system 5 point touch (XP and older version system: single-point touch), driver free


Product Package Contains:

1. LCD Panel

2. HDMI Cable

3. USB-A to Micro USB Cable




1. This LCD requires a good amount of current to work properly. So, while the LCD is connected to Raspberry Pi USB port (for power + touch), power up the Raspberry Pi with a good 5V 2A power adapter or power bank. Otherwise, Raspberry Pi won't boot up.


2. This display works right out of the box with Windows computer. But to use this LCD with Raspberry Pi, you need to modify "config.txt" file of the SD card in which you've installed the Raspbian OS. Open "config.txt" using Wordpad and add the following lines at the end of it, save it. 


hdmi_cvt 1024 600 60 6 0 0 0

3. This display works with latest Raspberry Pi OS (may not work with Raspbian Jessie or older). Works with ONLY Raspberry pi 4 (HDMI 0) and  Raspberry pi 3B+.

  • Interface: HDMI for displaying, USB for touch control and Power
  • Touch Type: Capacitive
  • Multi-touch: Yes (Windows), No (Raspbian)
  • Powered by USB:5V~1A
  • Refresh rate:60HZ 
  • Display Color: 16.7M
  • Driver: MPI-7002
  • Visual Angle: 50/70/70/70 (U/D/L/R) in degree
  • Screen resolution: 1024x600
  • Screen Size: 7 inch
  • Dimensions: 164.9 * 124.27 (mm)
  • Weight: 380 (g)

Question & Answer

Total 6 questions

Q: Does it require external power supply? Is it plug n play or coding is required? Questioned by tusherbd78, 26-Dec-2015

Power supply required. And sorry, how are you supposed to programme a monitor? OS must be installed in the SD card of Raspberry pi. Answered by A.R, 26-Dec-2015 16:34 PM

Q: I bought this Display but the touch is not working. Downloaded RPi Image from their website but still doesn't work Questioned by FahimAlHasnaeen, 27-May-2016

Q: have HDMI port???? Questioned by Logic1, 02-Mar-2018

Yes. Answered by A.R, 04-Mar-2018 09:23 AM

Q: 1. Will this display work for Raspberry Pi 3B+? 2. Any driver needed to make it work out of the box or this in PnP? Questioned by nasefarafat, 21-Apr-2019

1. Will work with 3B+ 2. Plug N Play. No driver needed Please read the description carefully..Specially the Notes Answered by techshopbd, 21-Apr-2019 11:01 AM

Q: IPS? Questioned by thesamfpv@gmail.com, 18-Mar-2022

Sorry, we don't have IPS. Answered by almamun3248, 21-Mar-2022 09:47 AM

Q: Can I connect a Bluetooth keyboard with this monitor after connecting the raspberry pi 4 and booting the os? Questioned by s47300962@gmail.com, 23-Apr-2023

No, but it cab be connected with Raspberry pi Answered by almamun3248, 26-Apr-2023 13:42 PM

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