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Model No: TOL-00123

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Power-down storage function:When power off, the accumulated MAH will be automatically stored. 
The stored MAH is blinking displayed after the boot. 
When the new MAH is up to 1 MAH, the stored MAH will be covered, and the values will start over.
Counting the capacity and efficiency of the mobile power bank battery:
Ah data x output voltage ÷battery voltage ÷ efficiency = mobile power bank battery Ah (output voltage is typically 5V, the battery voltage is generally based on 3.7V, typically by 85-90% efficiency)
Over-voltage and Under-voltage reminding: When the voltage is over 5.3V (less than 4.7V), the arrow will be flashing

  • Display mode: 0.91"" OLED screen            
  • Voltage measurement range:DC3.70-10.0V
  • Voltage accuracy:± (0.3% + 1words)
  • Current measurement range:DC0.00-3.00A
  • Current accuracy:± (0.5% + 2words)
  • Power measurement range:0-30.00W
  • Capacity measurement range:0-99999mAh
  • Main Color:Blue
  • Size: approx. 57*20*10mm (L*W*H)       
  • Weight: 9g

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