Motion Sensor Monitor 10 DOF IMU Sensor (B)

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Category: Gyro, Accelerometer & Compass

Supplier: Made in China

10 DOF IMU Sensor (B) is good at motion monitor, as well as detecting/measuring the position, height, and temperature. It would be helpful for making your own copter or balancing robot, provides great man-machine interaction.


  • MPU9255 : 3-axis gyroscope, 3-axis accelerometer, and 3-axis compass/magnetometer
    • Internal Digital Motion Processing™ (DMP™) engine, offloads complicate fusion calculation, sensor synchronization, gesture recognition, etc.
    • Comparing with MPU6050, the MPU9255 is lower power consumption, and more suitable for wearable devices
  • BMP180 : barometric pressure sensor
    • Embedded temperature sensor for temperature compensation
  • You can get the 10 DOF data through I2C interface


  • Quadcopter
  • Balancing robots
  • Indoor inertial navigation
  • Barometric altimeter
  • Industry measurement

1 VCC 3.3V~5.5V power supply
2 GND power ground
3 SDA I2C data pin
4 SCL I2C clock pin
5 INT MPU9255 digital interrupt output
6 FSYNC MPU9255 vertical sync signal

  • Power : 3.3V~5.5V (internal voltage regulation with low dropout)
  • Accelerometer
    • Resolution : 16 bit
    • Measurement range (configurable) : ±2, ±4, ±8, ±16g
    • Operating current : 450uA
  • Gyroscope
    • Resolution : 16 bit
    • Measurement range (configurable) : ±250, ±500, ±1000, ±2000°/sec
    • Operating current : 3.2mA
  • Compass/Magnetometer
    • Resolution (configurable) : 14 or 16 bit
    • Measurement range : ±4800µT
    • Operating current : 280uA
  • Barometric pressure sensor
    • Resolution (configurable) : 16~19 bit
    • Measurement range : 300~1100hPa (altitude : +9000m~-500m)
    • Accuracy : 0.02hPa(0.17m)

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Q: Is there any Arduino Library for use with this device? And are the libraries required for Adafruit 10DOF compatible with it? And where can I get the perfect instructions for using this Questioned by kaziabraar, 22-Dec-2016

Q: Did Anyone use this device properly? I used MPU6050 library as I could not find a similar MPU9255 library. Can anyone help to get MPU9255 or MPU9250 library and solve the connection problem. I tried to run the example code MPU6050_DMP6 with MPU6050 and I2Cdev libraries. I can get raw values. But, It gives me the message "MPU6050 connection failed". Can anyone help me to get the message "MPU6050 connection successful"? Thanks and regards Wahab Questioned by wahab_bd, 20-May-2017

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