Digital IR Sensor Array6B (TCRT5000)

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This sensor package is for line following Bot. Every now and then hobbyist who are willing to play with Line following Robot has tough time with the IR sensor arrangement. This is a neat solution for them.

Six TCRT5000 reflective optical sensors have been used here.The LM358 dual OPAMP works as a comparator with two reference voltages set by six POTs.The sensors have 0.6 inch spacing.

Calibration:To calibrate the sensors,you must tune the respective POTs.Connect VCC and GND pins with the power supply and connect SEN1 to SEN6 pins with six LEDs.Keep tuning the POTs until the LEDs glow.

Now,Draw a Black line on a white paper or vice versa.After the proper calibration is done,the LEDs will turn on when the sensors trace black and they will turn off when the Sensors trace white.That means,The output is always either 1(High) or 0(Low).

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Question & Answer

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Q: Just want to be sure, are the infrared transmitter and receiver placed on the other side of the board ? Questioned by fain_4, 27-Mar-2016

Yeah. Please see the images given in the documents section. Answered by A.R, 30-Mar-2016 13:01 PM

Q: ভল্টেজ রেটিং কত এটার? Questioned by Sajjad00, 13-Oct-2016

Q: কেলিব্রেশনের সময় আমার সেন্সরটা উল্টো কাজ করছে কেন? কালো লাইনের উপরে নিয়ে গেলে LED জ্বলে আর সাদা সারফেসে নিয়ে গেলে LED নিভে যায়। এখন কি করতে পারি? Questioned by Sajjad00, 13-Oct-2016

না না, ঠিক আছে। এটার আসলে এভাবেই কাজ করা উচিত, আমি প্রথমে ভুল ভেবেছিলাম। আগের কমেন্টের জন্য দুঃক্ষিত। Answered by Sajjad00, 13-Oct-2016 18:23 PM

Q: Is 8 sensors is available from this type? Questioned by Mnj_Nayeem, 11-Mar-2018

Yes. Answered by A.R, 11-Mar-2018 09:30 AM

Q: Is this available right now? Questioned by shafeeadnan, 18-Nov-2019

Yes. 3 pieces available as you can see here. Please order according to this shopping guideline: Answered by A.R, 18-Nov-2019 09:25 AM

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