A breadboard that is idealy combined with an Arduino. For the power supply there are 200 points available, the mid section contains 630 points. There is an adhesive layer on the bottem so you can stick it to a plate or system etc.You can connect two (or more) of these breadboard to create a bigger area.



  • Dimensions: 6.5 x 2.2 x 0.3 inches (165.1 x 54.6 x 8.5 mm) removable adhesive backing tape provided to attach to a surface. metal back plate.
  • 830 tie total points: 630 tie-point-ic circuit range 100 as well as two connection point distribution strips offer 4 busbars.
  • White abs plastic body with black printed legend. color on distribution strips.
  • The contacts are phosphorus bronze with plated nickel finish, rated for 50,000 insertions. rated at 36 v, 2 a.
  • Insertion wire size is 21 to 26 awg, 0.016-0.028 inch diameter (0.4 to 0.7 mm diameter)

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Q: just got one from techshop. nice packing. good condition. please add more products like heat shrink tube. soon i am going to buy other products. thanks. Questioned by oneoone, 08-Jun-2014

Q: ei breadboard e kon ATMega32 bosale space ki kom hoye jabe? eta to khub choto. kon microcontroler dile motamuti space paoa jabe? Questioned by comarpan, 07-Jul-2014

It depends on how many other components you add more. Atmega 32 can be accommodated well in this board with another small IC,LEDs etc. Answered by A.R, 08-Jul-2014 15:07 PM

Q: really a good quality product Questioned by Digonto, 13-Aug-2014

Q: When it will be available? Questioned by tahmidzu, 27-Aug-2014

Q: Really good breadboard ! holes are tight and perfect sizes for holding components in place ! Recommended for all newbies ! Questioned by suntop, 03-Nov-2014

Q: what is the dimension it have,would you inform me please Questioned by mmislam2014, 23-Nov-2014

Q: if it has tiny size can i get the bigger one Questioned by mmislam2014, 23-Nov-2014

Q: when will this product be available? Questioned by Showmik, 30-May-2015

Q: dimension? Questioned by Akashbabu, 13-Dec-2015

Q: this bread boards are not just perfect .... i bought 2 of these and breaking my components connecting tip . the connecting holes of the B BOARD are not wide enough . :( should change this item @tshopbd Questioned by S362679, 22-Jan-2016

Q: how much point does have this breadboard?? Questioned by kochiBHUYAN, 29-Feb-2016

830. Answered by A.R, 01-Mar-2016 10:28 AM

Q: This one's quality is not good enough. Questioned by alamin07, 12-Jun-2016

Q: Ekhane 1-9 ta breadboard options ache mane ami ki 9 ta pabo? Questioned by Nisa182, 01-May-2019

না। 1-9 মানে হল ১ পিস নেওয়া হোক আর ৯ পিস নেওয়া হোক, প্রতি পিসের দাম একই পড়বে। ৮৫ টাকা। Answered by A.R, 02-May-2019 09:42 AM

Q: Should mention whether the breadboard is split rail or not in the description or specification. Questioned by Adiyat, 08-Sep-2020

It's split rail. This can be understood by checking whether or not there's a gap in the red / blue line. And the previous image was wrong. Thanks for helping us fix that. Answered by techshopbd, 10-Sep-2020 13:56 PM

Q: That's good enough. But don't you(techshop) have better quality. Questioned by saimkhan123, 03-Oct-2020

We have never received any complaint from our customers regarding usage of this product. That's why we didn't feel the need to stock something better (and expensive). If you have something better in mind, feel free to share with us. Answered by techshopbd, 04-Oct-2020 13:00 PM

Thanks for giving me this opportunity. Techshopbd is Really good and very trusted. I just want to make another order. Thanks(Techshop) Answered by saimkhan123, 06-Oct-2020 12:56 PM

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yasinbabu1325@gmail.com, 18-Oct-2021

Plastic quality is good. Big enough to accommodate electronics prototype. Holes are tight and keeps perfect electrical connection. Recommended.

mahalfajh@gmail.com, 23-Feb-2023

Ati Delevary dite kto somoy lagbe??


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