Heaterizer XL-3000 Heat Gun

Model No: TOL-00156

TK. 1455.73

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Category: Soldering

Supplier: SparkFun, USA


  ---110v operation only --- 

you can use Step Down Transformer 220V - 110V (1000VA) to operate Heaterizer XL-3000 Heat Gun


The SparkFun Heaterizer XL-3000 heat gun is a handy tool that everyone should have. It’s great for heat-shrink, melting things, and even very basic low temp rework. The size is great for a lot of different applications and it heats up pretty quickly.

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  • 300 watts of heating power
  • 110v operation only

Question & Answer

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Q: 2000 BDT for 14 USD... Wah!! Questioned by kriton091, 26-Oct-2016

Let us say a few things in this regard. First of all, sparkfun has reduced its price recently. It was not 14 USD when we ordered it. Our buy price is more. Secondly, if they are selling it for 14 USD, it does not mean that their manufacturing price is 14 USD, it's less and of course they are making profit. What must be techshopbd's case? Buy price+customs' fee+freight charge+profit.Techshop is a business organization too. We must also servive. Answered by A.R, 27-Oct-2016 03:58 AM

True. Sad but true. Sorry. My bad. Answered by kriton091, 10-Nov-2016 17:48 PM

Q: 110v operation only ??? Questioned by khalashi, 19-May-2017

Q: 110v operation only, means will it break when connected to our country's power grid? Questioned by Craftsman, 04-Dec-2018

Yes. You must use 220/110V ,300W transformer in between. We do not recommend you to buy that transformer from us. Answered by A.R, 06-Dec-2018 05:00 AM

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