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While working on a project that requires a bunch of servo motors (e.g.: a robotic arm), the first concern is to provide sufficient power to all of the motors. This module is useful to supply clean 5V to all of the servo motors of your project easily.


There are a total of 12 servo connectors arranged in 2 groups. Each of them are capable of supplying up to 1A peak current. A maximum of 12 micro sized servo or 6 medium sized servo motors can be powered up using this module.


Check Documents section for user manual.

1. 12 servo connectors, arranged in 2 groups. 

2. A total of 12 micro servo (e.g.: SG-91R / SG-90R) or 6 medium sized servo  (e.g.: MG- 996) can be powered up.

3. XT-60 connector for providing input voltage from LiPo battery directly

4. Alternative power input pin & screw connectors: If your power source doesn’t have a XT-60 connector.

5. Max output current (servo connectors of same no. of both groups together): 1A (Input 2S LiPo / 8 volt), 700mA (Input 3S Lipo / 12 volt).

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