Compass GY271 QMC5883L

Model No: SEN-00172

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Category: Gyro, Accelerometer & Compass

Supplier: Made in China

The Compass Module is designed for low-field magnetic sensing with a digital interface and perfect to give precise heading information. This compact sensor fits into small projects such as UAVs and robot navigation systems.

  • Power 3V-5V DC
  • Chipset QMC5883L
  • Communication via I2C protocol
  • Measuring range: ± 1.3-8 Gauss
  • Dimensions 14.8 x 13.5 x 3.5mm

Question & Answer

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Q: I purchased this device on 14/01/2019. Yesterday I opened the device and connected with my Arduino. I powered 5v from Arduino as I found in the manual that this device can run 5v. The device is not responding. It shows three fixed angles which do not change by changing the position. I do not understand that device is faulty or anything else. I used example showed in HMC5883L. Questioned by stanveer, 05-Feb-2019

According to our warranty policy(, Chinese products have 3 days replacement warranty. This product has exceeded this time frame. You can bring the device to our office and get it checked by us to be sure if it is really faulty or the problem is somewhere else. But we cannot offer you any replacement now. Answered by A.R, 06-Feb-2019 04:57 AM

Q: Same to me... It is not working... :'( It shows fixed angle... not change by moving :'( Questioned by ovi321, 31-Jul-2019

Order number please. Answered by A.R, 07-Aug-2019 06:29 AM

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