SparkFun Photodetector Breakout - MAX30101

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Supplier: SparkFun, USA

The SparkFun MAX30105 Particle Sensor is a flexible, powerful sensor enabling sensing of distance, heart rate, particle detection and even the blinking of an eye. The MAX30105 has been equipped with three LEDs as well as a very sensitive photon detector. The idea is to pulse the different LEDs, then detect what shines back. Based on the reflected signature it’s possible to detect different types of particles or materials (such as oxygenated blood or smoke from a fire).

The MAX30105 utilizes a red LED, a green LED, and an IR (Infrared) LED for presence sensing, heart-beat plotting and heart-rate monitoring among its multitude of uses, including Pulse Oximetry. The MAX30105 is designed to operate at 5V and can communicate with both 3.3V and 5V microcontrollers. We’ve also written an Arduino library for the MAX30105 Breakout which takes care of all of the I2C communication, bit shifting, register writing and sample reading.

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  • Built-in Red, IR, and Green LEDs
  • 5V operation (3.3V is allowed, but green LED is not guaranteed to operate)
  • Onboard 1.8V regulation and I2C interface circuitry
  • Sensitivity configurable down to 7.81pA
  • 3200Hz maximum sample rate
  • Built-in 32 sample FIFO (First In, First Out)
  • Applications include presence detection, distance sensing (18" max), pulse oximetry, blood oxygen saturation level (SpO2), smoke and particle detection

Question & Answer

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Q: max30105 sensor particle is too small in size(dimensions). Because of its small size it hardly possible to operate. So please stop fraud with us. Questioned by zahedice, 30-Nov-2019

First of all this is not a product developed by us. It is from sparkfun, USA and being sold all over the world. We already have posted two tutorials with this and did those without any problem. 1) 2) This is supposed to be attached to our finger tips or spectacle glass. So, of what size is it expected to be? Answered by A.R, 01-Dec-2019 03:33 AM

Q: Order number: 178355; I have bought this module on 9th November and received product today but it's no working. It shows wire/ power issue when connecting with Arduino Uno by I2C breakout pins. Please help or change it! Questioned by panna25, 13-Nov-2020

We'll contact you soon and provide replacement if we get it faulty according to our replacement warranty policy. Answered by almamun3248, 14-Nov-2020 03:53 AM

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