DC 3V-36V 15A Dual H-Bridge DC Motor Driver

Model No: ROB-00340

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Category: Motor Driver

Supplier: Made in China

This Dual Dc motor driver focuses on high efficiency and can withstand high current load, the maximum current up to 30A. 

The driver can operate at 0% -99% of the duty cycle of the PWM modulation. 


It uses N-channel MOSFET IRF3205 MOSFET to form 2 full H bridge to control 2 DC motors simultaneously which improve motor acceleration curvature, but also fast motor brake.



Motor forward: DIR = 1,  PWM = PWM signal

Motor reversal: DIR = 0,  PWM = PWM signal

Brake: DIR = X (1 or 0),  PWM = 0 



Driving high current brushed dc motors, battle robot, soccer robot and similar.

Compatible Motors: Brushed DC motors only

Rated Motor voltage: 3v-36v 

Rated Motor Current: 15A (per channel)

Peak Motor current: 30A (per channel)

Logic Voltage: 5V

Dimensions: 108mm X 58mm (l X b)

Question & Answer

Total 5 questions

Q: is it possible to control 2 motors rated as 24V 14A using this motor driver? Questioned by ahnaf.alif, 24-Jan-2019

Yes. Answered by A.R, 27-Jan-2019 03:46 AM

Q: is there any option to connect a potentiometer? Questioned by fshalauddin, 25-Jun-2019

No. Answered by A.R, 27-Jun-2019 03:37 AM

Q: Do you have schemetic diagram? Which IC is used as a high side MOSFET driver? Questioned by shoeb, 04-Nov-2019

Sorry we do not have. This is not our manufactured product. Answered by A.R, 05-Nov-2019 03:27 AM

Q: The driver can operate at 0% -99% of the duty cycle of the PWM modulation What is the meaning of this line can you please explain this? Questioned by shafeeadnan, 03-Jan-2020

That means this motor driver will support upto 99% duty cycle. Answered by A.R, 05-Jan-2020 03:50 AM

Q: রেডিও এবং ব্লুটুথ দুটো দিয়ে চালানো যাবে? Questioned by shafeeadnan, 02-Jul-2020

সরাসরি অবশ্যই না। ব্লুটুথ এবং মোটর ড্রাইভারের মাঝখানে অবশ্যই মাইক্রোকন্ট্রোলার/আরডুইনো থাকতে হবে। রেডিও ফ্রিকোয়েন্সি কমিউনিকেশনের ক্ষেত্রেও একই কথা। Answered by A.R, 04-Jul-2020 11:42 AM

FS-TH9X-B 2.4G 9CH RC Radio Control eita diye chalanor jonno ki amar microcontroller lagbe naki ami direct receiver use kore operate korte parbo? Answered by shafeeadnan, 05-Jul-2020 06:03 AM

দুঃখিত, সরাসরি ব্যবহার করা যাবে না| যেকোন RC Receiver PPM সিগন্যাল দেয় কিন্তু এটি (Motor Driver) চালাতে PWM সিগন্যাল ব্যবহার করে মোটরের স্পিড কম-বেশি করতে হবে| PPM সিগন্যালকে PWM সিগনালে পরিবর্তন করার জন্য একটি মাইক্রোকন্ট্রোলার প্রয়োজন| Answered by techshopbd, 06-Jul-2020 05:46 AM

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