L298N Motor Driver (Quad DC Motor or Three Stepper)

Model No: ROB-00368

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Category: Motor Driver

Supplier: Made in China

Main Feature:

  • Integrated 2 pieces of L298N chips, can drive four DC motors (can control turning direction, can use PWM for speed regulation) or two stepper motors.
  • Integrated LM2596 DC-DC voltage stabilizing chip ( output 5V, can supply power for MCU, servo, sensor, router, battery up to 2A).
  • In addition to the above mentioned 2 L298N chip, integrated another ULN2003 to drive another stepper motor, or 4 DC motor (power on and off, can't control turning direction). For example, in extinguishing fire robot, it can control the extinguishing fan, no need for plus circuit.
  • Integrated servo interface, lead out signal output, very convenient to connect to MCU.
  • Integrated USB port, can be directly plugged into the router to supply power.
  • Support W703N, WiFi car router modification without damage, insert USB, use pin to lead out RXD TXD, very convenient to communicate with its UCM. 


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