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This stepper motor driver can control 2 phase bipolar stepper motors of 4, 6 or 8 wires. It's compatible with anything that can generate a 0-5V pulse like a microcontroller or pulse generator IC. It's very easy to use and gives you maximum control over your stepper motor. 


The heart of this driver board is a A3967 IC, which is generally used in 3D printers & other CNC machines and incorporates reduced audible motor noise, increased step accuracy & very low power loss. As a minimum, this stepper driver requires only one digital pin of a microcontroller to control a bipolar stepper motor. Although, complete control requires 3 digital pins.  


Current control, which is a very important concern while driving a stepper motor, can be achieved very easily by this chopper driver. You just have to rotate a potentiometer placed on this board to set the output current limit. You can also choose from various step sizes (full, half, quarter, 1/8 th) by adjusting the onboard DIP switches.


To know how to use this driver, please go through the user manual. (check Documents section)



Note: This driver can only control bipolar steppers of 2 phase. Unipolar stepper motors or bipolar steppers of more than 2 phases aren't supported.



1. Do not disconnect motor while the board is energized / powered up.

2. Do not power up this driver board when no compatible motor is connected.


These will cause permanent damage to the A3967 IC. Always make sure that there's a motor connected in correct way before connecting or disconnecting a power source. And disconnect motor only after disconnecting the power source.



1. 2 phase bipolar stepper motor of 4, 6 & 8 wires can be controlled.

2. Minimum control requires pulses (square waves) that can be generated by only one pin of a microcontroller or any pulse generator IC (like NE555)

3. Motor rotation direction can be controlled.

4. Access to “ENABLE” and “SLEEP” feature of the A3967 IC.

5. Motor current (maximum output current) can be controlled between 300mA and 1.5A.

6. Full, half, quarter or micro stepping can be chosen.

7. On-board 5V voltage regulator to provide logic voltage to the controller IC.

8. Power & Enable LEDs. Enable switch.



 1. Supported motors: 2 phase bipolar stepper motors of 4, 6 or 8 wires.

 2. No. of control pins: 3 (only 1 required for minimum control)

 3. Output current control limit: 300mA (min) to 1.5 A (max).

4. Input voltage (Vin): 7V (min) to 30V (max).

5. Logic supply voltage: 5V.

6. Logic voltage (signal pins): 3.5V min (for logic 1), 1.5V max (for logic 0).

7. Max pulse frequency at STEP pin: 500 KHz (1 uS high, 1uS low, time period 2 uS minimum).

8. Max controller IC temperature while in operation: 150 oC.

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