RF Remote Receiver Pair (4 Channel)

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RF remote control system for controlling up to 4 devices. Connect the receiver to a 4 channel relay module to control AC loads.



      - Operating Mode: Self-lock, Inching, Interlock
     - Output: 4-Channel (with LED indication)
     - Operating Indication: D1 (learning indicator lamp and receiving signal indicator lamp)


Channel Binding:

There are 4 channels and you can choose any button on the remote to trigger a specific channel. There will be no channel binding when you buy the product and you're supposed to bind them yourself.

While the receiver is powered on, hold the learning key (k1) on the receiver and wait for the onboard LED (D1) to
     - blink 1 time for assigning channel 1 or

     - blink 2 times for assigning channel 2 or
     - blink 3 times for assigning channel 3 or
     - blink 4 times for assigning channel 4 

As soon as the LED turns off after blinking, release learning key (k1). After that, press the remote button that you want to assign for the specific channel (1, 2, 3 or 4 depending on LED D1 Blink). After pressing the remote button,  LED (D1) will blink twice indicating that the binding has been successful.



The device can be operated in 4 modes.

Interlock (only 1 channel active): Press a remote button to activated corresponding channel and deactivate any other channel. Pressing the button again won't do anything. Only 1 channel can remain activate in this mode.

Self-lock (Toggle): Press remote button to activate and press again to deactivate receiver output of corresponding channel. You can release remote button and the output of the receiver won't change. Activating / deactivating a channel output won't effect any other channel output.

Inching (Momentary): Press remote button to activate and release to deactivate receiver output of any specific channel. A channel output will remain active only while the corresponding remote switch is pressed down. Controlling a channel output has no effect on other channels.

Unpaired: No connection wtih the remote.


Mode Selection:

Cut power from the receiver. Press the learning key (k1) and apply power to the receiver while keeping learning key (k1) pressed down. Wait for the onboard LED (D1) to

    - blink 1 time to set interlock mode or
    - blink 2 times to set self-lock mode or
    - blink 3 times to set inching mode or
    - blink 4 times to set unpaired mode

As soon as the LED turns off after blinking, release learning key (k1).





  • Operating Voltage:4.5-5.5V
  • Output Current: 10mA 
  • Operating Current: 3mA 
  • Receiver Board Size: 20*30*6mm 
  • Receiving Distance: 15-50m 
  • Output Level: Output high level is equal to or less than VCC voltage 

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