Arduino MEGA Shield Expansion Board

Model No: ARD-00123

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Category: Arduino & Accessories

Supplier: Made in China

This multi-purpose shield eases connection of commonly used sensors and modules to arduino Mega by providing built-in headers. SD card, bluetooth, analog distance sensor etc modules as well as servo motors can be directly connected to arduino without any extra wire.


This shield has the following connectors.

- 2 pin screw terminal X1 for powering up arduino

- 3 pin digital header X 54 (for servo motor and digital sensor) 

- 3 pin analog header X 16 (for analog sensors e.g.: sharp IR distance sensor)

- 6 pin SD card header X 1 (for SPI based SD card module)

- 6 pin HC-05 bluetooth module header X 1

- 6 pin ICSP header 

- 6 pin APC220 radio header X 1

- 6 pin ICSP programming header

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