WiFi IoT Switch SONOFF T2 3 Gang

Model No: HAT-00019

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Category: IoT Device

Supplier: SONOFF

Devices connected with switches can work independently, users can control them separately via the app and of course by using on-board touch switches. 


Pick Your Home into Your hands

Matched with the eWeLink app that sits the heart of a smart home system, enabling easy control of your appliances from anywhere. 


Hey, Alexa...

If your home is centered around voice, any one of TX series switches will be a solid choice. Communicated with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, appliances connected with the switches will turn on/off automatically via your voice command, especially perfect for those need to handle much housework. 


RF Remote Control

Amazingly, part of switches allow you to control with a 433MHz remote controller, giving you an additional control way to manage your devices. (The remote controller is not included, please purchase it separately.) 


Set A Time, All Is Ready for You

Feel that it is a trouble thing to run to the switch to turn off the light? Absolutely not. Set a schedule for it and it will automatically turn on in the evening when you’re going to bed. 


Touch Control Switches,Sensitive & Stylish

Combing the sleek panel and sensitive touch buttons, which adds a modern feeling to your house. Ideal for matching any room in your home. The LED indicator makes the switches easier to be detected, helping turn on lights in dark environment. 


Control without Wi-Fi Connection - LAN

For TX series switches, this is a great breakthrough that they’re added the LAN control option. You can run appliances under no Wi-Fi connection and they are not influenced by Wi-Fi disconnection and instability.


Extra Functionality

Aside from the above, sync status and share control are all available. Show the status of on/off for appliances on your phone; share it with your family to easily control together. 




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