WiFi IoT Switch SONOFF TH Elite

Model No: HAT-00020

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Category: IoT Device

Supplier: SONOFF

Upgrade Retrofit Solutionfor Smart Temperature and Humidity Control, within 10 minutes, turns your traditional thermostat into smart, automates your irrigation system, and gives you an easy way to monitor the temperature and humidity.


20A Max

Support to connect high load equipment like electric floor heating.


Dry Contact (volt-free contact)

Dry contact output acts as a “switch”, controlling the on/off state of the circuit only but not powering it. Replace your dry contact outputted traditional thermostat with TH, to control the combi boiler or any other systems controlled by the ordinary switch.

*The output state of normally open dry contact is consistent with power relay, are not available to be controlled separately now. 


Reliable Temp & Humi Control
TH supports LAN control, Wi-Fi disconnected will not affect the operation of your device.


Manual Control 
Turn on/off the device on the App anywhere, anytime. 


Auto Mode
The device can turn on/off automatically according to the temp & humi thresholds at different time periods. 8 automatic control programs for you to save electricity bills and create comfortable surroundings. 


6-month Temp & Humi History Data
Support to review the temp & humi history data by hour, day and month. Past 6-month history data can be exported in .xlsx format and accurate to hour.


Timely Notifications
TH keeps monitoring the temperature and humidity in real time, once they reach your preset threshold or the device’s on/off state changes, you will receive the Push notification on the phone.


More Features

  • Schedule 
  • Timer
  • Loop Timer 
  • Inching 
  • Power-on State 
  • Share Control 
  • Switching WiFi 


Click here for more about this product from the manufacturer website. 

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