Microwave Sensor Body Motion Detector Switch

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AC 220V-240V/50Hz Microwave Sensor Body Motion Detector For LED Light

Working Voltage: 220V-240V AC/50Hz
Microwave Frequency: 5.8Ghz
Load Capacity: 800W (Incandescent Lamp), 400W (Fluorescent Lamp)
Standby Power: Approximately 0.9 W
Sensing Distance: 1~8m (Max according to fitting and surrounding)
Time Delay: 6 Sec ~ 30 minutes (max)
Photo sensing: 2Lux Min (Can set By DIP Switch Setting)
Coverage: 360° (depends on fitting and surrounding)
Size: 8x4x3.2cm/3.15x1.26x0.94inch


|Motion Sensor Home Security|Pir Occupancy Sensor|

**Advanced Motion Sensing Technology**
The AC 220V-240V/50Hz Microwave Sensor Body Motion Detector is a cutting-edge device that utilizes microwave remote sensing to detect human presence. This technology ensures a high level of accuracy and reliability in detecting motion, making it an ideal choice for home security and energy-saving applications. The sensor's 360° coverage and adjustable sensing distance from 1 to 8 meters allow for customization to fit various room sizes and layouts.

**Energy Efficient and User-Friendly**
Designed with energy efficiency in mind, the sensor operates at a standby power of approximately 0.9 W, ensuring minimal power consumption when not in use. The user-friendly interface allows for easy adjustment of settings such as time delay, sensitivity, and photo sensing, catering to individual preferences and requirements. The compact size of 8x4x3.2cm makes it a discreet addition to any room, blending seamlessly with your home decor.

**Versatile Application and Installation**
This motion sensor is not only suitable for home security but also for automating LED lighting systems. Its compatibility with a wide range of lighting loads, from incandescent lamps to fluorescent lamps, makes it a versatile addition to any lighting setup. The sensor's installation is straightforward, with no complex wiring required. It can be easily mounted on walls or ceilings, making it a convenient solution for various scenarios, from residential homes to commercial spaces.

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