Electronic Load Tester DL24P 180W Bluetooth Upgrade Release

Model No: MIS-00711

TK. 7499.99


Category: Measurement

Supplier: Made in China


The Electronic Load Tester is a versatile and powerful device designed for testing various batteries, DC power supplies, data lines, power banks, chargers, and AC/DC power adapters. It offers a range of functions, including measuring voltage, current, power, capacity, discharge time, internal resistance, and load capacity. With its compact size and affordable price, it is suitable for manufacturers, digital enthusiasts, engineers, and experimenters.


• Large Colour Screen: Equipped with a 2.4-inch HD large colour screen, the digital load meter displays information clearly and supports blue digital transmission curves for better visualization.
• Wide Compatibility: The tester supports discharge aging tests on USB chargers, mobile power banks, batteries, battery capacity, power adapters, and more.
• Multiple Connection Options: It supports Bluetooth wireless and wired computer connections, with four online APP options available for Android, Apple, and PC platforms.
• Four Discharge Modes: The load tester offers four operating modes - constant current, constant power, constant resistance, and constant voltage - providing flexibility for different testing scenarios.
• High Power and Current: With a power output of up to 150W, a wide voltage range of 2-200V, and a high current capacity of 0.2-20A, it is suitable for various discharge and aging tests.
• Intelligent Temperature Control: The built-in temperature-controlled fan ensures efficient cooling and extended fan life.
• Safety Protections: It features over-current, over-temperature, and over-power safety protections for reliable and secure testing.


• Test Voltage: 2-200V
• Working Current: 0.2-20A
• Constant Load Adjustment Rate: +/-3%+3 bytes
• DL24 Discharge Power: Voltage x Current < 150W
• DL24P Discharge Power: Voltage x Current < 180W
• Power Supply: 12V DC
• Fan Rotation Condition: Temperature > 10W or Temperature > 45°C


• For PC software installation and downloading PC software and Android APP, click on the link
• For IOS users, search "E_test" to download the app.
• For Android users, search "E-test" on Google Play to download the app.

Package includes:

• 1 x DL24P Load Tester
• 1 x DC12V 1A Power Supply
• 1 x PC Computer Online Line
• 1 x Temperature Probe
• 1 x Red and Black Single Line Crocodile Clip Line





Electronic Load Tester DL24P 180W Bluetooth Upgrade Release User manual and APP download

1, User manual, PC software installation instruction and PC software and Android APP download link : http://www.mediafire.com/folder/m09i9bjv8703d/DL24-DL24P
2. IOS APP: search E_test on iphone APP store to download
3. Android APP: https://www.mediafire.com/file/0jiio43c0vuu1wx/U_Meter-Phone_mobile.apk/file
4. Android APP: search E-test at Google play to down load

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