RF Transmitter Receiver Pair 433 MHz - FS1000A

Model No: WIR-00003

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Category: RF

Supplier: Made in China

This pair consists of an RF transmitter and receiver. These can be interfaced with Encoder and Decoder ICs. For better accuracy, antenna should be used at transmitter and receiver ends.


We have two different 433MHz RF modules: the RXB6 and the FS1000A. Both of them runs with the same code and user interface.




Quality of reception

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Good but not great

Transmitter Signal Noise



Transmitter Current consumption




Buy RXB6 433MHz modules from here.

  • Frequency: 433 MHz.
  • Modulation: ASK
  • Receiver data output: High - 1/2 Vcc, Low - 0.7v
  • Transmitor input voltage: 3-12V (high voltage = more transmitting power)
  • Receiver Input Voltage : 3.3-6V (high voltage = more receiving power)
  • Transmitting range (work at 5V): 40m indoor, and 100m in open air

Question & Answer

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Q: Do this module support UART? Questioned by tokyo_emb, 15-Nov-2012

Yes. Answered by Fahad, 15-Nov-2012 07:01 AM

Q: Does this module support baud rate(USART) of 9600 or higher? Questioned by sazzad7, 24-Feb-2013

No, it isn't. Answered by Fahad, 24-Feb-2013 18:50 PM

may i know the maximum baud rate ? Answered by sazzad7, 24-Feb-2013 19:26 PM

The maximum baud rate is 4800bps. Answered by A.R, 25-Feb-2013 05:58 AM

Q: How can I use it as a remote controller? I want to control two motors with this. Questioned by anikpro, 17-Apr-2013

You can get some idea from this tutorial.http://www.techshopbd.com/index.php/tutorial-categories/arduino/interfacing-rf-shield.Here we have controlled relays by RF module.You can do the same with motors.Though in this tutorial we've used Piduino,it is compatible with any microcontroller. Answered by A.R, 18-Apr-2013 05:01 AM

Q: Hmm I have do a lot of work to use it. can you bring 2.4 GHz 6 channel radios and receiver? I need one for RC some RC application. Questioned by anikpro, 18-Apr-2013

Hope you have already got our mail about your enquiry. Answered by A.R, 18-Apr-2013 08:58 AM

Yes, but I'm not interested about that Way because bringing a single one is very costly. If you bring some of them, it will be cheaper. So please bring them as a regular product of your site. Answered by anikpro, 18-Apr-2013 10:02 AM

Ok.We'll think about it. Answered by A.R, 20-Apr-2013 04:59 AM

Q: What is the transmission range of this kit? How far(meter) it can transmit data? Questioned by sanjid, 28-Apr-2013

40m indoor, and 100m in open air. Answered by Fahad, 29-Apr-2013 09:42 AM

Q: Are you have A434 transmitter and receiver and HT12E&D? Questioned by bd275, 04-May-2013

No.We don't have these transmitters and receivers. Answered by A.R, 05-May-2013 03:37 AM

Q: can u bring this for us. http://www.seeedstudio.com/depot/2km-long-range-rf-link-kits-w-encoder-and-decoder-p-321.html?cPath=139_140 Questioned by fkfaisal, 07-May-2013

We'll think over it.If you wanna buy this from seedstudio through us,please fill up this form.http://www.techshopbd.com/index.php/sourcing-international-products Answered by A.R, 08-May-2013 12:05 PM

Q: i've purchased the item but datasheet is missing. I need it immediately, it'll be great if email me the datasheet. Questioned by dweep08, 04-Jun-2013

We purchased this product from seeedstudio.They didn't provide us any datasheet.Only the wikipage is available,of which we have given the link in the product description. Answered by A.R, 05-Jun-2013 03:40 AM

hurrr mia >:o Answered by dweep08, 06-Jun-2013 19:38 PM

Mind your language, or we are gonna ban you. Answered by Fahad Mirza, 07-Jun-2013 08:30 AM

Q: please provide a arduino example code for this RF module..... I tried many example but none of them works... Questioned by Rahul.iub, 19-Aug-2013

Q: when it will be available Questioned by mrinmoy, 01-Oct-2013

Q: How can I pare this to module? What is the basic communication method? Please explain. Questioned by risajal, 10-Dec-2013

You may need encoder and decoder IC depending on which module you want to interface.Please go through the wiki page of the product for clearer idea. Answered by A.R, 10-Dec-2013 12:35 PM

Q: 1.I need this.how much time will be needed to be available.it is out of stock. 2.I want to use this in a rc system with encoder and decoder ic.but in my project diagram tx has 6 and RX has 8 pin.vcc and ground are double.anyway is it possible to use this as a rc system with HT12E & D. 3.I want to control several loads from far.have you any suggestion plz? Questioned by astable, 24-Dec-2013

1) These are from China so,at least one month will be needed. 2) Yes,these are compatible with HT12E and HT12D. 3) We will suggest you to check the transmission range first because we don't know by 'far' you mean how far. Answered by A.R, 29-Dec-2013 04:31 AM

Q: owe...no response!¡!!!!....I thought this site as a active one. Questioned by astable, 29-Dec-2013

Of course it is! And we have holidays like others too. Answered by A.R, 29-Dec-2013 04:26 AM

Q: haha...holidays...anyway...I want to purchase many parts but I think you would not be able to deliver before 5 January....anyway...100m range is enough ... I will wait...thank you for response....have a nice holidays. Questioned by astable, 29-Dec-2013

We are open now! If you want this pair,that will not be possible by 5th January. But if you want any other in stock products,please place your order without any hesitation. Answered by A.R, 29-Dec-2013 08:54 AM

Q: I will take it from kushtia so I was thinking about the transportation system....as I prefer S.A. paribahan...anyway...I will place my order soon Questioned by astable, 29-Dec-2013

Q: is there any datasheets or something like to interface the module Questioned by Anjan.Bkb, 29-Jan-2014

There is no datasheet. Only the wiki page where all the details are given. Answered by A.R, 03-Feb-2014 05:20 AM

Q: Is there any available module for 125 MHz?? Questioned by icmtech, 17-Feb-2014

no. sorry. Answered by A.R, 18-Feb-2014 11:48 AM

Q: need the wiki link.please reply. Questioned by nafiz, 18-Feb-2014

We had the wiki link here earlier but later we found out that the current lot of this product does not match with the previous ones. The previous ones were 433 MHz and so was stated in the wiki page too. But the current lot we got is 315MHz. This is why why removed the wiki link for this time being. Sorry for this inconvenience. Answered by A.R, 19-Feb-2014 03:39 AM

Q: need this one. when it will be available? Questioned by atifmahbub, 11-Jul-2014

Q: How can i know more about this >>>>>>>>>>>>> Data sheet where? Questioned by mdrazu, 08-Aug-2014

Please see this wiki page.http://www.seeedstudio.com/wiki/index.php?title=433Mhz_RF_link_kit Answered by A.R, 09-Aug-2014 03:23 AM

Q: vi kalke kinlam r ajkai price 92 tk reduce. ayta akta kaj korlen :-) :-) :-) Questioned by piyash, 10-Sep-2014

Q: Is Encoder and Decoder IC for This RF Module is Available Now? I Couldn't Find Here. If not will it be Available in October or in 1st half of November? I'll Purchase This RF Module in October and Also Need Encoder and Decoder IC Compatible with This. If You Could Give any information about The Model No.of Those ICs and My Queries. Thanks in Advance. Questioned by asifcuet, 13-Sep-2014

Q: Is HT 12 E and HT 12 D is Compatible with this? Questioned by asifcuet, 13-Sep-2014

Yes. Answered by A.R, 14-Sep-2014 05:16 AM

Q: Please Answer to my Previous Question. Will Any Encoder and Decoder IC be Available in Techshop Soon? Questioned by asifcuet, 14-Sep-2014

Oh sorry. I though that you had already found. We have HT12D and E. http://www.techshopbd.com/product-categories/encoder/1250/ht12e-techshop-bangladesh http://www.techshopbd.com/product-categories/decoder/1251/ht12d-techshop-bangladesh Answered by A.R, 15-Sep-2014 03:52 AM

Q: Thanks a Lot... I lIke Whole Onnorokom Group Very Much... Udvash, Pi Labs, Onnorokom Group, Techshop are Creating a Benchmark in Bangladesh... Keep it Up with Your Sevice and Quality.. :) Questioned by asifcuet, 16-Sep-2014

Q: Is Current Lot 433 or 315 MHz? Please Inform.. Questioned by asifcuet, 16-Sep-2014

433. Answered by A.R, 16-Sep-2014 11:18 AM

Q: can i use this for audio transmitting? Questioned by phsajal, 12-Aug-2015

No. Answered by A.R, 12-Aug-2015 10:25 AM

Q: I need antenna for this product. Have any antenna in stoke? I have made antenna bit it's not working. what can i do to work with RF? Questioned by azim_rashed, 01-Dec-2015

No. We don't.Soldering a copper wire will serve the purpose pretty well. Answered by A.R, 02-Dec-2015 03:38 AM

not working Answered by aminur651884, 09-Feb-2019 15:09 PM

Q: how can I use this as audio transmitter and receiver? please give me a diyagram. Questioned by mahdihasan, 23-Jan-2016

Sorry, our job is to sell parts. Any type of circuit design, coding etc. must be done by the customers themselves according to our policy. Answered by A.R, 24-Jan-2016 06:17 AM

Q: Can i send 8 bit data through these pair?? Questioned by mzislam25, 22-Apr-2016

Yes, you can. Answered by FAHIM_REAZA, 23-Apr-2016 07:51 AM

Q: please make it available soon... Questioned by AAEMON, 02-Aug-2016

Q: এটা পাব কখন? Questioned by bijoybarua, 27-Sep-2016

Q: how many channel this module has? Questioned by subject17, 02-Mar-2017

Q: Can I use this for, say, controlling a car via remote and Arduino? Questioned by Ikram076, 02-Aug-2017

You can. Answered by A.R, 03-Aug-2017 03:56 AM

Do I have to use encoder/ decoder? Tell me everything I need except the motors and wheels and Arduino please. Thanks. Answered by Ikram076, 07-Aug-2017 17:57 PM

Yes encoder,decoder needed. We have another with encoder and decoder. https://www.techshopbd.com/product-categories/rf/1928/rf-wireless-encoder-decoder-module-433-mhz-techshop-bangladesh#documents. Here is also a bangla tutorial on this product https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sv03hrndVe4. Once you see this, you will have an idea about your needed parts. Answered by A.R, 08-Aug-2017 03:47 AM

Q: Can I make walkie talkie with these? Questioned by alpha01a, 24-Nov-2017

No. Answered by A.R, 25-Nov-2017 03:42 AM

Q: 40m indoor, and 100m in open air. M এর মানে কি meter Questioned by Mdfarukalli, 24-Aug-2021

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