Grove - 125KHz RFID Reader

Model No: SEN-00004

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Category: RF

Supplier: Seeed Studio, China

The Grove-125KHz RFID Reader is a module used to read uem4100 RFID card information with two output formats: Uart and Wiegand. It has a sensitivity with maximum 7cm sensing distance.


  • Selectable output format: Uart or Wiegand.
  • 4Pins Electronic Brick Interface
  • High Sensitivity


For more information,  check this page.

  • Voltage: 4.75-5.25V
  • Working Frequency: 125 KHz
  • Sensing Distance(Max): 70mm
  • TTL Output: 9600baudrate, 8 data bits, 1 stop bit, and no verify bit
  • Wiegand Output: 26 bits Wiegand format, 1 even verify bit, 24 data bits, and 1 odd verify bit

Question & Answer

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Q: I need this urgent. Questioned by munzuruleee, 11-Apr-2013

Q: When ll it available?? Questioned by Nabilphysics, 24-Apr-2013

Q: Is it giving the output as volt or pulse? Questioned by saqib11, 05-Aug-2014

The output is a data stream which includes the card information. Please see the wiki page that is given in the description section. Answered by A.R, 05-Aug-2014 17:35 PM

Q: Salam, when will it be available again? Questioned by ibrmesbah, 29-Jan-2016

Q: Please inform if the stock is coming soon. I need some urgently for my projects Questioned by ibrmesbah, 25-Feb-2016

Not soon. At least one more month. Answered by A.R, 25-Feb-2016 10:02 AM

Q: i need this urgeny Questioned by mdabdurrahman, 03-Apr-2019

Will not be available soon. Sorry. Answered by A.R, 04-Apr-2019 17:47 PM

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